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Causes of Breath Smells Like Poop

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Why Does My Breath Smell Like Poop & Feces?

If you have ever caught wind of somebody’s breath and it smelled like poop, you more than likely tried to get away from them as quickly as you possibly could.  And if you have ever fallen victim to having poop smelling breath, you know exactly how embarrassing of a problem that it can be. Nobody wants to come anywhere near you or let alone talk to you if you have extremely bad breath to the point that it really does smell like you have a poop in your mouth. 

In fact, if you are suffering from poop breath, there is a good chance that even your family is going to try to stay at least a kilometer away from you whenever you are trying to speak with them about anything. Having poop breath is not only a health concern that can potentially mean there are much more serious health problems going on, but it is also a very serious social stigma as well.

If you have ever had poop breath, have you ever wondered what it was exactly that was causing it?  With that being said, poop breath can be one of the simplest problems to fix that you have ever had to deal with, but it can also be due to a much more serious and complicated health disorder.  Because of this, it is going to be in your best interest to fully understand what the problems making your breath smell so bad really are and what you can do about them.  

Here are some of the main reasons why your breath might be so bad that it is mistaken for poop.

You Have Some Form of Tooth Decay

If you have ever experienced breath that smelled so bad it would remind you of poop, there is a good chance that you may be experiencing some form of tooth decay.  While most people are going to do the more basic things to try and fix their poop breath (these can include brushing their teeth more, using mouthwash, drinking more water, brushing their tongue, etc.),  most have no idea that tooth decay is actually able to cause you to have bad breath. You see, there are often times when you will have gum flaps that will trap food in them every time that you eat.

Over a period of time, this food is going to decay and cause bacteria to grow, the end result being some very serious smelling breath.  To get this fixed, a small surgery will need to be performed in order to get rid of the gum flap that is trapping all of the food and causing your poop breath. On top of that, you will more than likely need to take an antibiotic in order to kill off any of the bacteria that has grown and is still remaining after the surgery has been completed.

When it comes to your mouth, you must keep in mind that neglecting your oral hygiene is going to make your mouth much more susceptible to becoming infected with bacteria.  Once this happens, as a byproduct of the built-up bacteria are going to cause you to have a very high acidity and mouth odor as well. The big takeaway here is that to prevent any of this from happening, all you are going to need to do is to visit your dentist on a regular basis, once about every 6 months or so for a regular checkup and cleaning. 

On top of that, be sure that you are flossing every single day with regular floss and even a water floss if possible after you have finished brushing your teeth. This is going to be the most effective way for you to remove any food residue from your mouth and keep the poop breath away.

You are Suffering from Diabetes

There are going to be two different ways that having diabetes will be able to cause you to have extremely bad breath.  The first one is going to be through an increased amount of blood sugar levels within your body as your body is not able to produce the amount of insulin that it requires to perform at an optimal level.  This is going to make you much more prone to certain types of infections throughout your body, one of those places being your gums. Why this is important to make note of is because gum disease causes gum disease and gum disease is directly linked to having diabetes.

Another reason why you may have poop breath if you have diabetes is because of the number of ketones that are going to be caused by your diabetes.  Whenever your body does not have enough insulin or sugar, it is going to start using the body’s fat stores as its main source of energy. Once these fats reach your liver, ketones will be released to give your body the fuel that it needs to continue performing at regular levels.  The down side here however, is that one of the byproducts of having ketones as your body’s main source of fuel is going to be that you will have an acidity within your body that is released in the form of very poor smelling breath.  

To remedy these particular situations, try to start reducing the amount of sugar that you consume in the form of foods and drinks, make sure that the toothpaste you use on a regular basis is meant for those who have sensitive gums, and try to stay away from any kind of teeth whitening products that contain peroxide as they have been known to cause gum damage which can take even longer to heal because of your diabetes.  Finally, be sure that you are using a toothbrush that is on the softer side and be sure that you are brushing gently when you do brush your teeth to help prevent any kind of gum irritation from occurring.

You Have Gum Disease

Another one of the more common reasons that you may be suffering from poop breath is going to be because you have gum disease or a serious gum infection that you are not even aware of that you have.  It is going to be this gum infection partnered with all of the food particles that are floating around your mouth that will make your breath smell like poop. Gum disease, which is also referred to as periodontitis, is actually one of the most common reasons that many people have poop smelling breath. 

This is going to be because of a certain bacteria that is known as porphyromonas gingivalis. What this bacteria does, is to breakdown all of the tissues that are surrounding your teeth, which will in turn start to create an inflammation of your gums, helping other types of bacteria colonies to thrive. This buildup of bacteria within your mouth is going to be what is causing the extremely foul-smelling breath that reminds the people around you of a porta potty.

You Smoke Cigarettes

When you smoke cigarettes, you are putting yourself at risk for periodontal disease, which is more commonly known as the leading cause of tooth loss and decay.  Periodontal disease is essentially going to be an infection of your gums, teeth, and all of the bones that are around your teeth. As mentioned previously, gum disease and tooth decay are going to be two of the main causes that you may have breath that smells like poop.  So, when you smoke cigarettes and increase your chances of having periodontal disease which can and will more than likely lead to you have both tooth decay and gum disease, the stinky poop breath that people run away from is not going to be very far behind.

While those are going to be some of the main reasons why you may be experiencing breath that smells like it should have been put into the toilet, there are also some other causes of poop breath as well.  Some of those reason are going to include:

  • Having excessive dry mouth
  • Being on a low-carb diet
  • Having an allergic reaction to something
  • A sinus or sinusitis infection
  • Having canker sores
  • You are experiencing some type of upper digestive tract problems
  • You use probes in your mouth or nasal cavity
  • You are suffering from some type of intestinal problems
  • You are experiencing liver failure

While having “breath smells like poop” can often times be a very simple problem to cure, at the same time it can also be due to a major health concern that is going to require some serious medical attention.  With that being said, whenever you do notice that your breath smells like poop, it is definitely going to be in your best interest to bring it up with your doctor so that they are able to diagnose you and give you the correct path of treatment.  In fact, while it may seem silly, this small step can actually potentially save your life, as well as your reputation.



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