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19 / 04 / 2018
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One of the most frequent bowel problems that people experience today is constipation. Why is the Colon Cleansing so important? Check it out.
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Weight loss program

  • Beauty and Weight Loss Program 7 Days

  • Obesity

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    How many times have you tried to lose weight, only to find that you put it back on again in a few months? How many friends and relatives do you know of in the same boat? Statistics worldwide show that 90% of all reduced-calorie diets are doomed to failure in less than 6 months!

    It doesn't matter how overweight you are now, you may easily "re-tune" your metabolism to burn fat three and four times faster than what it is presently doing. We will reveal how to do just this!

    Being overweight is not your fault! Everybody burns fat differently. Those that stay thin no matter what they eat have a higher-than-average fat-burning metabolism. Those who are careful with what they eat and still put on weight have a very sluggish metabolism. The secret to weight-loss is to boost your metabolism to begin burning the fat faster and more efficiently.

    Ask The Doctor


    • Avoid starvation diets!

    • Avoid "yo-yo" dieting!

    • Avoid crash dieting!

    • Eat to your fill without getting hungry!

    • Eat a huge variety of foods!

    • Lose fat, NOT muscle!

    • Freedom from cellulite!

    • Lose weight while GAINING health!

    • Feel proud of your body!

    • Wear anything you like!

    • Go anywhere you please and be relaxed!

    • Win on dates - you choose who you want!

    • Abundant mental and physical energy!

    • Flaunt your body on the beach, in the gym, dance floor.......

    • Get the admiration of friends, relatives and loved ones!

    • Put the bad dream of dieting out of your life!

    • Identify and remove the metabolism blockers that are preventing you from achieving all this and more!

    • Learn the SECRETS of removing the metabolism blockers and achieve all the above!

    You can achieve ALL this and more without great effort and suffering. No expensive and "specially formulated" food either. You will never need to risk your health taking dangerous diet pills or potentially damaging metabolism blockers.

    What you have to do to achieve permanent weight-loss is to learn the secrets of your metabolism, as this is the secret to weight loss. Only by removing the obstacles that are blocking your metabolism can you REALLY begin to lose weight permanently. This can now be done successfully and permanently with relative ease, IF YOU KNOW HOW! In order to lose the weight that you wish, and obtain all the benefits - improving health, improving self-esteem, being carefree with what you wear and where you go, etc., you NEED to possess the secrets of losing weight. It works because it's not a diet!


    In 1930 two American doctors, Newburgh and Johnson, of the University of Michigan, suggested in one of their papers that "obesity results from a diet too high in calories, rather than any metabolic deficiency." This theory is called the "calorie theory". Starvation diets don't work as when you deprive yourself of food, your body tells your brain that you’re starving it, and it sends out messages to slow down the metabolism in order to conserve energy. The result is that you will put on more fat a lot easier!


    Weight Loss Ebook - Secrets Revealed - Revised Edition

    Weight Loss Ebook - Secrets Revealed - Revised Edition

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    This is not only a weight loss program, it is also a plan for "TOTAL HEALTH". If you want a quick fix (taking metabolism boosters, etc.), only to gain more weight when you stop, do not even consider this program. Our program is designed to change the way you think and live your life. Change is only a decision away. You can do this! If you are motivated, and truly care about taking care of your body, and you are willing to make changes in your life, then this program is for you! - E-Book Version.(WL)

    Ten Super Secrets For Weight Loss

    Ten Super Secrets For Weight Loss

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    Learn the TOP SECRET Ten Super Secrets for Weight Loss
    "When you have a clean body, strong immune system and a balanced pH level, you have a healthy body, which will prevent, resist and eliminate disease". --Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, PhD, ND, DACBN - E-Book Version

  • pH

    Experiments have shown that animals eating one meal a day become obese, while those receiving 5-6 meals spread throughout the day kept to an optimum weight. Moreover, it has been shown that the majority of weight in obese people has been built up over the years by going on successive low-calorie diets. Each time that a diet was started there follows three stages:

    1. Slimming

    2. Stabilization

    3. Recovery of weight


    This results in the phenomena known as "see-saw" or "yo-yo" dieting, which simply interpreted means that repeated attempts at following a low-calorie diet creates resistance to weight loss. Apart from the lowering of the Basal Metabolic Rate, there are other physiological changes which further exacerbate the problem such as a lowering of function of the thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies leading to further metabolic problems, etc.

    All you need to achieve your weight-loss goal is to discover the secret workings of YOUR metabolism - discover what your METABOLISM BLOCKERS are - how to identify these in yourself, and how to go about removing them quickly and systematically, so that your body may begin responding naturally - shedding all those extra pounds of fat and forming the cuts that you want!

    Believe, based upon the literature that we have researched, that this program is unique amongst weight loss programs, because it actually explains in a holistic way how to remove the metabolism blockers, in order to help your metabolism return back to normal functioning. We have intentionally tried to make it into a "How-To" program, as we realize that this is very important for all people reading it. In our mind it is pointless writing a theoretical program that does not empower the reader to take control of their problem and DO SOMETHING about it. We have therefore tried to make the program as detailed as possible, simply explaining how to assess the metabolism blockers, as well as giving detailed strategies that are designed to boost your metabolism."

    Dr. Eddy shares ALL his secrets with you and his only wish is that you succeed in achieving your goal of OPTIMAL WEIGHT and OPTIMAL HEALTH. In his unique program sold exclusively in the Medical Integrative Clinic, he takes you step-by-step through the METABOLISM BLOCKERS, shows you how to identify them, and how you can remove them once and for all to begin losing the pounds that you have been carrying, for what seems like centuries!

    You will have all the detailed knowledge at your disposal to help you identify and remove all the factors that are blocking your metabolism and preventing you from losing weight. This method has been tried and tested and is nearly 100% successful!

    Don't waste any more valuable time, learn all these secrets to losing weight permanently while improving your health at the same time. You NEED to do this for yourself - give yourself the body that you have always wanted, flaunt it at parties or with your friends, be admired by your friends and family, wear what you want, remove the fat while retaining the muscle, find out ALL the reasons why you cannot lose weight, however hard you try, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  


    The real cleansing work is done by consciousness our inner healing mechanism. The supplements, herbs, Ghee, water etc. are simple provide the necessary nurturing and support to the organs and bodily systems.


    Our deep cleansing program use herbs, chlorophyll and oxygen products, absorbed directly into the blood stream. Each program has been designed by Dr. Eddy.


    Includes all drinks, supplements, herbs, Ghee, chlorophyll, Seven times ozone / oxygen therapy; seven professional colonic irrigations with special colonic machine (gentle & safe cleansing) and oxygenated UV-sterilized water, Lymph sizing, nutritional consultation and support from our qualified staff. Daily use of our Rife & Lymphatic machines. Medical & diet consultation. Ayurvedic massage daily one hour.


    Includes all drinks, supplements, herbs, Ghee, chlorophyll, two times ozone / oxygen therapy; professional colonic irrigations with special colonic machine (gentle & safe cleansing) and oxygenated UV-sterilized water, Lymphasizing, nutritional consultation and support from our qualified staff. Medical & diet consultation. Ayurvedic massage daily one hour.


    Slimirex - 90 Count

    Slimirex - 90 Count

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    Slimirex™, because of its combination formula, is the MOST RESEARCHED weight loss supplement on the market today when you combine the individual research done on each of its ingredients! You can put your trust into Slimirex™!


    Slimirex - 180 count

    Slimirex - 180 count

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    Slimirex™, because of its combination formula, is the MOST RESEARCHED weight loss supplement on the market today when you combine the individual research done on each of its ingredients! You can put your trust into Slimirex™!


    • Spirulina: organically grown and provides over 100 vital nutrients: amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes etc. (Spirulina)

    • Triphala: tonifies the large intestine and provides extra energy

    • Oxygen magnesium drinks: cleanse small intestine prior to colon cleanse, accelerating deep tissue cleansing by at least two days

    • Vitamin C, glucose and Mineral drink: stabilizes blood sugar, prevents dehydration and supplies constant flow of vitamin C, following the 11/2 hour biological cycle

    • Sublingual herbs: placed under the tongue for direct absorption into the bloodstream, avoiding stomach upsets and vomiting

    • Chlorophyll: accelerates blood cleansing

    • Oxygen spray: direct absorption into the bloodstream

    • Colloidal silver: boosts immune system and accelerates cellular detoxification

    • Ocean trace minerals: to give metabolic enzymes equilibrium

    • Aromatherapy oils sprays: for healing emotional imbalances

    • Herbal tonic: for stamina and high spirits

    • Polarity “zapping”: activates the thymus gland, which controls the immune system

    • Skin brushing: to discard dead skin, stimulate blood circulation and clear the auric field

    • Herbal steam: detoxifies lungs and lymph system trough the skin

    • H2O2 spray: oxygen absorption trough the skin assists the lungs and lymphatic system to detoxify

    • Colonic Irrigation: professional Colonic irrigations (colon-hydro-therapy) with special colonic machine (gentle & safe cleansing) and oxygenated UV-sterilized water, after cleansing flushing of herbal implant

    • Intestinal flora implant: very concentrated replacement of “good”  bacteria, so it won’t leak or be expelled, staying and multiplying in the large intestine for 1 or 2 days

    • Colonic water temperature: body temperature, invigorating the colon muscle and making easier to retain water longer

    • Taste balance: supplements and drinks vibrationally activate all 5 elements in rotation

    • Deep tissue detox: 7 ½ days of deep tissue detox starts after 15 hours, instead of around 2 ½ days in most other cleansing programs

    • Fasting & colonic cleansing expertise: our instructors have done over 1.200 colonic irrigations and facilitated hundreds of faster over the last few years

    • Personal attention: although you must take the prime responsibility for your health, we are here to support you when you need it

    • Care and love: we will sit with you and share you feelings, whatever time of the day or night

    • Spiritual intent: to assist the raising of human vibrations and allow the higher self to reveal the unique destiny each has chosen

    Oxy-Powder works by introducing stabilized nascent oxygen into the bloodstream and intestinal tract.

  • vomiting

  • Weight Loss Programs

  • Beauty and Weight Loss Program 7 Days


    Bacteria are always at the root of bowel problems, such as pain, bloating and gassiness. They can not be killed by zapping, because the high frequency current does not penetrate the bowel contents.

    Although most bowel bacteria are beneficial, the ones that are not, like Salmonella, Shigella, and Clostridiums are extremely detrimental because they have the ability to invade the rest of your body and colonize a trauma site or tumorous organ. These same bacteria colonize a cancer tumor and prevent shrinking after the malignancy is stopped.

    • One reason bowel bacteria are so hard to eradicate is that we are constantly reinfecting our-selves by keeping a reservoir on our hands and under our fingernails. So the first thing to do is improve sanitation. Use 50% grain alcohol in a spray bottle at the bathroom sink. Sterilize your hands after bathroom use and before meals.  

    • Second, use betaine hydrochloride to kill Clostridium bacteria (2 tablets 3 times a day).  

    • Third, use turmeric (2 capsules 3 times a day, this is the common spice), which I find, helps against Shigella, as well as E. coli. Expect orange colored stool.  

    • Fourth, use fennel (2 capsules 3 times a day).

    • Fifth, use digestive enzyme tablets with meals as directed on the bottle. (But only as long as necessary, because these frequently harbor molds.)  

    • Sixth, use a single 3 capsule of TRIKATU Dose each 1 cps. 1 hour before meal. Add it to half a glass of water or fruit juice and sip over a fifteen-minute period.  

    • Seventh, if you are constipated, take TRIPHALA (three herb formula, start with one capsule a day, use up to maximum on the label, extra magnesium (300mg magnesium oxide, 2 or 3 a day), and drink a cup of hot water upon rising in the morning. This will begin to regulate your elimination.  

    It can take all eight to get rid of a bad bacteria problem in a week. Afterward, you must continue to eat only sterile dairy products. Note that the Kidney Cleanse is often effective with bowel problems. Try it also.

    You will know you succeeded when your tummy is flat, there is not a single gurgle, and your mood improves.

  • Our goal is to provide reviews on diet pills and information regarding every known diet pills.

  • Integrated Medical Programs

  • Beauty and Weight Loss Program 7 Day

  • Obesity

  • Most Commercial Weight-Loss Programs Are a Flop

    As the obesity epidemic in America continues to grow, so do the efforts of the commercial weight-loss industry. From diets and diet books to exercise programs and nutritional supplements, helping people shed pounds has become an increasingly popular market.

    However, research has provided little supporting evidence that such commercial weight-loss programs end in success. In fact, the study indicated that, aside from Weight Watchers, no commercial program has published reliable data from randomized trials showing that people who participated in the program weighed less (after a few months) than those who did not participate.

    The Study

    The goal of the study was to find something deeper than mere advertisements of thin, healthy people claiming a program worked for them. Instead, researchers wanted to see:

    • Carefully controlled studies, spanning a couple of years
    • Compared results of the success rate of participants to non-participants

    Unfortunately, these types of studies are almost never done and are not something the commercial weight-loss industry is willing to do. Therefore, the research team decided to take matters into their own hands and conduct studies, collecting what information they could on the prices, methods and success of nine commercial weight-loss programs, including Jenny Craig, eDiets and Overeaters Anonymous. Research involved:

    • Calling the companies offering the programs
    • Searching medical journals for published papers
    • Analyzing the data presented on company Web sites

    Of the 108 studies that assessed commercial weight-loss programs, only 10 met the researchers' criteria. Even the 10 studies that made the cut failed to report data for everyone enrolled in the weight-loss programs, presenting only the "best-case scenarios."

    So if commercial weight-loss programs aren't proven to be effective, then why do people keep turning to them for help?

    Ask The Doctor

    Suggested Reasons Why People Resort to Weight-Loss Programs

    The mere idea of dieting may give people a positive lift -- simply declaring they are on a diet makes people feel better. People are empowering themselves and imagine themselves as new and improved and taking control of their lives.

    Since being overweight is so penalized in society, it's an investment in one's future not to be fat. If someone is an ambitious person they'll do anything; even if the lost weight is gained back, people will do the diet again and again. New York Times January 4, 2005

    Medicare Looking For Weight Loss Plans

    Now that Medicare is considering paying for a weight-loss program, they have transferred their focus to extreme weight loss treatments such as stomach bypass surgeries. A Medicare researcher stated they are searching for a weight-loss program that will provide long-term benefits. In November, members of the Medicare advisory commission will begin investigating the effectiveness of stomach-bypass surgery.

    Who is Getting These Stomach-Bypass Surgeries?

    • In 2003, over 100,000 morbidly obese people underwent stomach surgeries
    • In order to qualify for the $30,000 procedure a person must be at least 100 pounds over their ideal weight and unable to succeed at other weight loss methods

    While several insurance providers offer coverage for these procedures citing them as a way to reduce the number of obesity-related health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida decided to discontinue their coverage due to the risks and possible long-term consequences of these procedures.

  • High blood pressure

  • Medicare is expecting to receive a variety of weight-loss programs from professionals in the fitness field, but doctors haven't made any plans to look into any other weight-loss treatments.

    Statistics showed that nearly 7.4 million Medicare recipients are classified as obese. They also revealed that Medicare currently provides coverage for obesity-related problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems and many forms of cancer.

    Tax dollars are already going toward covering the $39 billion in obesity-related medical costs. Yahoo News July 20, 2004

  • Weight Loss Programs

  • Beauty and Weight Loss Program 7 Days

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    Integrated Medicine
    combines Western medicine with Complementary and Alternative medicine and mind-body-spirit approaches to health and healing.
    Live Blood Analysis
    Two drops of blood under a specialized high powered ultra-dark field microscope, reveals anomalies in the blood. The unique tool for prevention.
    Is recognized by most as the most powerful and versatile therapy known in alternative health because it plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of the body. Check it out why.
    Contact the Doctor

    contact the doctor
    This information is provided for general medical education purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the independent medical judgment of a physician relative to diagnostic and treatment options of a specific patient's medical condition.

    In no event will the be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance upon the information provided through this web site.
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    Dr. Eddy Bettermann M.D.

    Mob: +60.17 545 1784         +66.89 8550 5066



    Oxy-PowderTop Quality Colon Cleansing
    Oxy-Powder will help melt away and eliminate the compaction from the small intestine, large intestine and colon, safe and effectively

    more information

    Para-BusterIt is estimated that 90% of the population has at least one form of parasite in the body

    more information

    Super Phos 30
    Super Phos 30Super Phos 30 is an essential dietary supplement used in preparing the body for a liver/gallbladder flush, which we utilize and recommend for promoting optimal health in these vital organs

    more information

    Latero-FloraLatero-Flora™ can help maintain a healthy colon and will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria

    more information


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