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Medical Reference: Child Birth

  • ALACE - Association of Labour Assistants and Childbirth Educators.

  • American College of Community Midwives The ACCM is a professional organization for midwives and physicians who provide physiologically-based maternity care in a community settings -- client homes or free-standing birth centers.

  • American College of Nurse-Midwives www.midwife.org is the home of the American College of Nurse-Midwives. The ACNM web site provides information for and about certified midwives and certified nurse-midwives, as well as women's health information, information on international midwifery, and midwifery education.

  • Baby Centre - pregnancy & babies: UK. BabyCenter.com, the leading destination on the Internet for new and expectant parents, together with its companion site ParentCenter.com, a Web resource for parents of children ages 2 to 8, is dedicated to helping you find the information and support you need during pregnancy and in caring for a baby, toddler, or child.

  • Baby Names. Names, Meanings, Pregnancy Tips, Parenting Advice and More!

  • Babies Online FREE Birth Announcements - Create a web site for your new baby, complete with pictures, instantly and for free! Tons of other great (and free!) stuff for new and expectant parents too, so check it out!!

  • Baby Place - pregnancy, birth & babies. A parenting resource for all aspects of pregnancy, birth and baby care. Includes free stuff for parents, health resources, morning sickness treatments, children's games, products, books and more.

  • Birth Scene. Birth Scene, based in Flagstaff Arizona, AZ, Birth, Art, Birth and Pregnancy Video, Pictures, Stories, News and Resource Directory.

  • BirthAlliance.com - Birth Alliance hosts a national directory of Midwives, Doulas, and Childbirth Educators. This is home base for an online midwifery study group, with members from around the world. Birth Alliance is also the home to many birth stories, articles, links, and resources.

  • BirthPartners.com - Directory of natural birth options including find a midwife, doula, photographer, breastfeeding support, chiropractor, holistic doctor, hypnobirthing, massage therapist and pregnancy yoga.

  • BirthSource.com - Expectant families and maternal healthcare professionals will find a wealth of information on pregnancy, labor, birth, doulas and the postpartum period.

  • Breastfeeding.com - Parent and professional resource.

  • A Child is Born - A Child is Born is a division of Perinatal Education Specialists, promoting optimal potential in childbirth through awareness, advocacy and creativity.

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.

  • CEF - Childbirth Enhancement Foundation.

  • Childbirth.org - Professional and parent resources.

  • CIMS - Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.

  • Citizens for Midwifery.

  • DONA - Doulas of North America. ("Doula" seems to be an American word for "birth support person")

  • Doula.com - childbirth support resources

  • Doulaworld.com - online birth support directory

  • Gentlebirth.org - midwifery links & Archives.

  • Gift of Life - pregnancy & childbirth.

  • Global Reproductive Health Forum. The Global Reproductive Health Forum at Harvard (GRHF) aims to encourage the proliferation of critical, democratic discussions about reproductive health, reproductive technologies, reproductive rights, and gender on the net.

  • Heart & Hands Midwifery Intensives. Heart & Hands Midwifery Intensives provide students with a strong and integrated foundation in the art and science of midwifery-beginners welcome.

  • The HypnoBirthing Institute. - The Mongan Method, the most unique of all birthing methods, is presented in childbirth classes, about natural childbirth education enhanced with self-hypnosis allowing women to use natural instincts in pregnancy and childbirth for a safer, easier, more comfortable birth that most mirrors nature.

  • IBLCE - International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners: certification for lactation consultants.

  • ICAN - International Cesarean Awareness Network

  • ICEA - International Childbirth Education Association.

  • ILCA - International Lactation Consultant Association.

  • International School of Traditional Midwifery.

  • MANA - Midwives Alliance of North America.

  • Maternity Wise - Maternity Center Association: evidence-based maternity care.

  • The Midwife and Home Birth On-line version of the magazine featuring no-holds-barred information about breastfeeding, childbirth, midwives and much more.

  • Midwife Info a comprehensive information resource for parents and midwives.

  • Midwifery Education Accreditation Council. The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council’s mission is to promote quality education in midwifery through accreditation. It creates standards and criteria for the education of midwives that reflect the nationally recognized core competencies and guiding principles of midwifery care set by the Midwives Alliance of North America.

  • Midwifery Today - Journal. Learn about gentle birth.

  • Midwives Information and Resource Service. MIDIRS (Midwives Information and Resource Service) is an educational charity (not-for-profit organisation) set up in 1985 and our mission is 'To be the central source of information relating to childbirth and to disseminate this information to midwives and others.

  • NAPCS - National Association of Postpartum Doulas, Founded in 1988, A doula makes a difference.

  • NARM - The North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) is the certifying organization for midwives that recognizes multiple routes of entry into midwifery and includes verification of knowledge and skills and the successful completion of both a Written Examination and Skills Assessment.

  • National Midwifery Institute - US. The National Midwifery Institute, Inc., is a distance program dedicated to the preservation of community-based midwifery training and education.

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Communications - Journal. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Communications is a new bimonthly journal for healthcare professionals working in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. The journal specialises in practical, up-to-date information together with the latest news and views from India and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Oregon School of Midwifery Resources for midwives in Oregon, Childbirth and Midwifery Links, oregon midwifery, midwifery, homebirth, birth, childbirth, direct entry midwifery, doula, midwife, maternal child health, schools, home, birth childbirth, labor, pregnancy, doula,

  • Pregnancy & Parenting Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy resources including journals, message boards, birth stories and more.

  • Parents Place - pregnancy tests amniocentesis pregnancy calendar due date edd expecting birth plan midwife.

  • Penny Simkin - childbirth educator. Penny Simkin, PT, Childbirth educator, Doula, Doula Trainer, Birth Counselor and Author.

  • Storknet. Pregnancy and parenting the fun way at StorkNet, your family internet community.

  • Waterbirth International. Look at all the pages in this site to gain an understanding of the gentle birth choice of laboring and giving birth in water.

  • Whole Birth Resources - Prenatal Yoga. Whole Birth Resources; Bringing the Miracle of Mindfulness to the Miracle of Birth.

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Medical Reference: Child Birth

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