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Concussion - What is a Concussion
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Head Injury


A violent blow to your head can cause your brain to slide forcefully against the inner wall of your skull and bruise your brain. This can result in bleeding in or around your brain and the tearing of nerve fibers.

A concussion causes at least a temporary loss in brain function. Although losing consciousness is a common sign of a concussion, it's possible to suffer a concussion without being completely knocked out.

More serious injuries to the brain include:

  • Bruising and swelling of your brain (contusion)

  • A broken skull bone (skull fracture)

  • A blood clot in or around your brain (hematoma)

Risk factors

Although many concussions result from sports injuries, they can occur whenever your head is subjected to a blow, such as in a car accident or from a fall. Some common risk factors include:

  • Not wearing protective headgear during recreational activities. Many head injuries are preventable. Unfortunately, people don't always use some of the simplest safety measures — such as wearing a helmet while biking or skating.

  • Playing sports, especially competitive team sports. More than 300,000 athletes suffer concussions each year. Although protective equipment continues to improve in quality, many athletes who participate in high-impact sporting activities, such as soccer, don't use head protection.

  • Traffic accidents. The sudden force or sudden stop involved in a traffic accident may bruise your brain.

  • Falls. A fall, such as from a bicycle, can result in your striking your head and exerting tremendous force on your brain.

  • Having a previous concussion. Previous head trauma seems to make a person more susceptible to future problems.


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