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23 / 03 / 2018
Bladder Cancer
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Bladder cancer



Urinary Tract

Bladder cancer an abnormal growth that can invade nearby structures and spread to other parts of the body; a cancer is also called a malignant tumor or malignancy. Bladder cancer is cancer of the sac that collects and holds urine until it exits your body. It's the fourth most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and the 10th most frequently diagnosed cancer in women. Most people who develop the disease are older adults - less than 1 percent of cases occur in people younger than 40.

Smoking is the greatest single risk factor for bladder cancer. Exposure to certain toxic chemicals and drugs also makes it more likely you'll develop the disease. Although some of these risk factors can be controlled, the incidence of bladder cancer hasn't decreased significantly in recent years. Even so, increased understanding of the disease means the outlook for people with this type of cancer is brighter now than in the past.

If the cancer is detected early - before it has moved beyond the lining of your bladder - you have a better chance of a successful treatment with minimal side effects. Treating bladder cancer that has spread is more difficult and involves more extensive procedures. But several new approaches can offer a better quality of life. In addition, researchers are studying ways to help prevent the disease in the first place.

Signs and symptoms

Bladder cancer often doesn't produce signs or symptoms in its early stages. The first warning sign is usually blood in your urine (hematuria). The blood may show up on a urine test, or your urine may appear reddish or darker than normal.

This doesn't necessarily mean you have bladder cancer, however. More common conditions — including a urinary tract infection, kidney disease, kidney or bladder stones, and prostate problems — can cause hematuria. These conditions can also cause other symptoms similar to those of bladder cancer. If you develop any of the signs and symptoms below, your doctor can help determine the exact cause:

  • Pelvic pain

  • Pain during urination

  • Frequent urination or feeling you need to urinate without being able to do so

  • Slowing of your urinary stream

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