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The bacteriology describes the Monomorphismus, caused by Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895)
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Ulrike Spas

writes "

The bacteriology describes the Monomorphismus, caused by Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895), which described: all microbes all the same which kind and kind are constant and each kind a specific illness would produce. Blood and fabrics are sterile in the healthy condition.


Griech. mono =, morphe = shape = one form

With this realization the danger of epidemics seemed dammed and in the sense of the Monomorphie in the end also the antibiotics, cytostatic drugs, Cortikoide as alleged remedies for the fight of the diseases was developed.
In contrast for this Professor describes Dr. Guenther Enderlein, after Claude Berne pool of broadcasting corporations (1813 - 1878) and Antonie Bechamp`(1816 - 1908), the Pleomorphismus.
Griech. pleion = more and morphe = shape = many forms = variability of the microbe in form and size.

All micro organisms possess a development cycle, which begins with the primitive phases, changes into bacteria phases and finds in the mushroom phases its high point.

This circle development = Zyklode, describes the "bacteria Cyklonie".
Between both Poland, mushroom - Protit, gives it numerous steps of developments, which can cause partly innocuous, partly in their changed form, diseases.
The smallest forms = Symbionts, lives in symbiosis with us and is necessary and responsible for our health. A great importance in the body defense is attached to them. In the healthy organism we find the primitive forms everywhere, i.e.. in the blood plasma, in the blood cells, in all body fluids and in the fabrics.
After Professor Dr. Enderlein is the beginnings zyklode the Mucor Zyklode. More developments is the Aspergillus Zyklode and the Penicillium notatum Zyklode and other more.
The Symbionten is transferred diaplazentar (no heritage), stands in a certain relationship to each other and complements each other mutually = symbiosis.
A Dysbiose or an illness one finds as upward development to one or several Zykloden with immune-weakened patients or with environment changes, which lead to shift of the acid base of equilibrium.
In order to bring such conditions back in the equilibrium, Enderlein came on the idea the body low to supply with us into symbiosis living person, smallest forms.

This is sense and purpose of the Isopathic:

1.      Environment clearing with z.B. Alkala, Bikabonat, Citrokehl (Aspergillus) and Sanuvis (Mucor)

2.      Support of the Penecillium Zyklode (Notakehl, Exmykehl, etc.) for 10 days

3.      Basis therapy with Mucokehl and Nigersan (5 - 2 - 5 - 2 - 5, etc.) for weeks and months, i.e. 5 days basis therapy and 2 days maintenance of point 2

4.      Immune modulation with Utilin, Utilin S, Latensin and Recarcin

5.      Orthomolecular support, Homoeopathy, therapy with Haptenen and similars.
Enderlein makes the high development of the Endobionten = Probaenogenie dependent on the pH value.

This describes the "Anartati Basic Law":

  • Primitive phases require a strongly alkaline pH value
  • Middle phases require an easily alkaline pH value
  • Mushroom phases require a sour pH value

Thus also importance and necessity are to accomplish apart from the dark field diagnostics, the determination of the acid base of value also to process control, evidently.


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