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Acidophilus, or Lactobacillus acidophilus, is one of the most important bacteria found in your body, and generally reside in your digestive tract.

As a probiotics, it  be used to prevent and treat anti-biotic diarrhea, yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

Other ways it can help the body are by protecting against colon cancer and the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Furthermore, they can be taken as a preventive against food poisoning when traveling. Acidophilus can also be found in yogurt, kefir and other products.

How This Food Supplement Works in Your Body:

  • Improve efficiency of your digestive system
  • Manufacture vitamins, such as, biotin and vitamin K
  • Produce antibacterial substances which kill or deactivate harmful bacteria
  • Help maintain normal bacteria balance in lower intestines
  • Kill monilia, yeast and fungus on contact
  • lower cholesterol
  • clear up skin problems
  • help prevent vaginal yeast infections in women who take antibiotics or who have diabetes
  • extend Life span
  • Potential aid for digestion of milk and milk products in people with lactase deficiency
  • enhance immunity
  • reduce symptoms from spastic colon
  • reduce diarrhea related to Long-term antibiotic use

Where this Food Supplement is found:

  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Other milk products

How to use:

It is preferable to be administered in liquid form due to bioavailability and fast absorption in body.
Available in capsules or tablets, as a powder or in milk products, such as yogurt or Kefir.


Don’t take If you:
Are experiencing intestinal problems, unless at the discretion of medical supervision
Intend on applying to vaginal area for a yeast infection

Consult your doctor If you:

Use any medicinal drugs or herbs including aspirin, laxatives, cold and cough remedies, antacids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, supplements, other prescription or nonprescription drugs.


Do no use unless advised by your doctor. There are no proven problems in pregnant women taking small or usual amounts, however the chance of problems do exist.


Do no use unless advised by your doctor. There are no proven problems in breast-fed infants of lactating mothers taking small or usual amounts, however the chance of problems do exist.

Infants and children:

It is hazardous to treat infants and children under 2 with any supplement.


Refrigerate, but do not place in the freezer. Keep out of reach of children.

Safe dosage:

To date, there has been no “safe” dosage established.

Acidophilus (Lactobacillus)
Blue-Green Algae (Spirulina, Spirulina Maxima) Spirulina Platensis
Calcium (Calcium citrate) Calcium Gluconate)
Chondroitin Sulfate
Coenzyme Q (CoQ, Ubiquinoe, Coenzyme Q10)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
Desiccated Liver (Dessicated Liver)
Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) Evening Primrose Oil)
Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgoaceae)
Ginseng (Asian, American, Korean, Chinese, Panax, Quinquefolius)
Inositol (Myoinositol)
Iron (Ferrous Sulfate)

Jojoba (Goatnut, Simmondsia Chinensis)
Lecithin (Phosphatidylcholine)
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)
Potassium (Potassium Chloride, Trikates)
Royal Jelly
Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)
Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)
Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)
Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine, pyridoxal phosphate)
Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid) Folate, Pteroyiglutamic Acid) Folacin)
Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin)
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol, sunshine vitamin)
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)
Vitamin H (Biotin)
Vitamin K (Phytonadione)
Vitamin P (Bioflavonoids, Phytochemicals)

One Third of Probiotics, "Good Bacteria" Products Like Acidophilus, Found to be Worthless

Having studied 55 products labeled "probiotic," Belgian biologists conclude that in fact, not every product that claims to be "probiotic" actually contains the bacteria associated with this claim. In addition, in many cases the researchers found bacteria other than those named on the label.

"Probiotic" refers to foods that contain certain bacteria, which are said to have beneficial effects on colon flora and the immune system.

The researchers studied the micro-flora of 25 dairy products and 30 powdered products that are used as nutritional supplements. More than a third of the powdered products contained no living bacteria whatsoever - unlike the dairy products, which contained up to a billion living microorganisms per milliliter.

In identifying the bacteria, they found that only thirteen percent of the products contained all bacteria types included on the label.

Meanwhile, in one third of all the products, the researchers found other bacteria not listed on the label. However, these could be classified as harmless. The researchers criticize that the packaging often features incorrect, but nice-sounding bacteria names. They say that in the interest of the consumer, it is necessary to have label the products correctly.

This research will be published later this year in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

101st General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Orlando, Florida; May 2001

Good Bacteria May Disguise Themselves in Your Body

Trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms are known to dwell happily in the human body. But exactly how they are able to live their days in obscurity, unbothered by the immune system, is unknown. Now scientists have some clues.

In experiments with the intestinal bacteria known as Bacteroides fragilis, the researchers found that gut flora may be able to change their surfaces to avoid detection by the immune system.

The bacteria produce at least eight different sugars, or polysaccharides, on their surfaces. And this shift of outerwear could perhaps act as a disguise.

These eight distinct polysaccharides are the most yet seen on any type of bacteria.

Exactly how the immune system normally reacts to the body's population of microorganisms, or flora, is unclear. In fact, the whole area is a "huge black box."

Clearly, these flora do good things, such as competing with invading microbes that cause disease. But they can occasionally get involved in the disease process. For instance, if there is an injury to the intestines that causes flora to leak they can cause infection.

It is possible that if the immune system were primed to attack Bacteroides organisms with a particular polysaccharide, the microbes could put on a different surface sugar to allude detection.

The organisms are obviously quite good at staying alive since they withstand invading germs, bacteria-killing antibiotics and various "environmental" shifts such as dietary changes. This study suggests that an occasional change of wardrobe is one way they do it.

Nature November 29, 2001;414:555-558

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