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25 / 03 / 2018
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Special Report on Parasites

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    Female Roundworm

    In the world today so many people are sick from diseases that modern medicine does not seem to cure. Is it normal to have low energy, skin rashes, painful joints and bones? How many people around the globe are on medication with little or no change in their health? Could it be that the medical establishment has forgotten to look for worm and parasite infection in the human body? In recent studies taken at major hospitals over the last ten years, experts in this field have found that well over 95%of all people have parasitic animals living in them.

    Ask The Doctor

    What is a Parasite?

    A parasite is a small microscopic organism that draws energy and food from you. In fact, parasites are incredible food scavengers that literally consume energy from your cells. The single most undiagnosed health challenge today is parasites. There is no living creature on this earth that is not subjected to invasion by parasitic animals of one form or another.

    Parasitic Infection

    Here are a few signs of parasitic infection: low energy levels, fatigue, pain and fever, acne, skin rashes and hives, hair loss, grinding of teeth, frequent colds, flu’s, loss of appetite, itchy ears, nose and anus, sexual dysfunction in men, slow reflexes in both children and adults, stomach gas, bloating, excess blood in urine or stool, eating more that usual but still feeling hungry, and numb hands or feet. The list is endless for all the things that parasitic infection can cause.

  • fatigue

  • fever

  • flu

  • How Do You Kill Parasites?

    Do modern drugs kill parasites? The answer unfortunately, is no. The parasite can live for many years undetected and is always adapting to the medications given to the body. The parasite is intelligent enough to move to a different location if it is being threatened. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that synthetic drugs will make the parasite move from one organ to another.

    Testing For Parasites

    Now some of you are saying to yourself, Surely I can have a test for parasitic infection? The answer is yes you can, however; there are over one thousand species of parasites that can live inside the human body. For example, approximately fifty million different types of bacteria and parasites live on just one square inch of human skin. Modern medical science can only detect about 40 or 50 kinds of parasitic infections. Only twenty percent are actually found by testing and there is only 1% chance of clinically finding parasites.

    How Do I Get Parasites?

    Now some of you are probably saying this is unbelievable and frightening. You are right, it is very frightening, but only through knowledge and education can you do something about parasites. So let ’s begin by understanding where parasites come from. Parasites can enter the human body in many different ways such as: shaking hands, inhaling air and dust, kissing, licking your fingers, having sex and sharing glasses.


    Even clean drinking water can contain forms of parasites as the source of this water may have been a creek, river or stream. Here ’s an example how parasites can enter your system. There is a roundworm parasite called “Ascaris ”.The Ascaris roundworm lays eggs in floor cracks, rugs, garbage, in dust and other debris. Along come our domestic pets like your dog or cat that unknowingly is invaded by this form of parasite. 


    Parasites and Pets 

    Now picture this; you pet your dog, you hug your dog, you kiss your dog and in turn your dog responds by licking your face with his tongue. Yes this is indeed a loving gesture, however, the larva from the parasite “Ascaris ”that your dog leaves on your face begins immediately to travel inside your throat and then to your lungs. Now this doesn't stop here. You now cough up this parasite and swallow it; all the while it ’s been mutating itself. Now this parasite is in your intestines where it now commences to lay millions of eggs inside of you. Now do you think this can harm you? I wonder.

    Doing a Liver, Gallbladder, Intestinal, and Parasite Flush

    What Do Parasites Eat?

    Did you know that arthritis is caused by a small parasite that eats the calcium linings from your bones? This same parasite eats the protein form the coating on you nerves called the "Myelin Sheath". Did you also know that this parasite can even get into your brain causing another disease called "Amebasis". Did you know all of this started from you consuming some contaminated food or water! Interesting isn't it!

  • Calcium (Calcium citrate)
  • Calcium Gluconate)
  • Tapeworms

    Now if you found that interesting... listen to this! Did you know there is a parasite called the "Fish Tapeworm"? This tapeworm can reach a length of up to 30 feet or more and can be made up of 3 to 4 thousand segments. To give you an example of a segment, cut off one segment and you now have two Fish Tapeworms. Never mind cutting 3 to 4 thousand segments. And there's more!


    This tapeworm can produce on million eggs or more per day. Did you also know that these tapeworms can live in the human body for twenty or more years undetected?

    There is another type of worm that is present in the human intestinal wall. This worm actually bites the walls of your intestines and sucks on the secretion caused by the bite. This in turn causes bleeding and death of the tissue that can further cause iron depletion and very low hemoglobin levels in people.

    Another very dangerous infectious parasitic worm called "Pin Worms" causes itching in the anal area. These Pin Worms are transported through the very air that you breathe.

    It is not uncommon to find Pin Worms in every room of an average household.

    Yes, this parasite also lays millions of eggs per day both inside and outside of your body.

    The "Whip Worm" is another parasite commonly found in humans. These Whip Worms are very intelligent organisms that actually convert colon tissue into liquid which the Whip Worm parasite in turn eats. It's interesting to note that well over 3 billion people upon this planet have this parasite living within them.

    If you thought all of the above was interesting, hold on, andlet’s now talk about Flatworms.

    Flatworms are like leeches. These worms have a unique way of attaching themselves to your internal body parts by way of a special sucker.

    To give you a visible idea of what flatworms do, just think of a mosquito sucking blood out of you. Now you have the picture.

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  • Flatworms

    The flatworm family also includes the world of the Flukes. The following are four flukes found in humans: Sheep Liver Fluke, Human Liver Fluke, Human Intestinal Fluke and Pancreatic Fluke of Cattle.


    Do not be fooled by the above given names of these flukes, make no mistake they are all found in the human body. The most common of the fluke family in the human body is called "Fasciolopsis Buskii". This fluke has six distinct stages of life; The Egg, Miracidia, Redia, Cercaria, Metacercaria, and the Adult Stage. Normally, the adult stage lives inside the intestines. However, if your body has solvents in it like wood alcohol, the other five stages can develop inside of you. Wood alcohol allows the pancreatic fluke to use your pancreas as a host, which in turn leads to diseases such as diabetes.

    Some large parasites are seen with the naked eye. These parasites of the worm type all live in the digestive tract. However, under certain conditions they can travel to other parts of the human body. In hotter climates these worms are very aggressive and have even been seen in blood vessels and muscle tissue.


    Parasites Love To Reproduce

    Large parasites love to do one thing besides eat. Parasites love to reproduce. Thousands of eggs at a time are not an uncommon rate. The ones that lay eggs hatch usually inside of the digestive track, grow to become adults and begin the cycle over again. They are able to do this because they feed off of all the foods we crave. It is interesting to note that it's the parasites who crave the food, not us. Smaller parasites do not have to lay eggs. They reproduce somewhat similarly to bacteria or viruses and can reproduce millions of their kind in only one day.

    You must remember that these microscopic organisms have the ability to reproduce themselves even if parts of their bodies have been destroyed. Some tapeworms have had their bodies removed (except for the head) and have grown back to their original full size.

    Parasites and Humans

    Now what is the main purpose of parasites? The main purpose of a parasite is to live in its host body without detection. If the immune system detects an invader it will destroy it. Parasites are very intelligent when it comes to survival. Parasites enjoy a very good lifestyle in the human body. They even get nutrition directly from the cells inside your body. Parasites attach themselves to any part of the inside of your body and suck the nutrients out of the cells before the body has a chance to do something about it. Could this be the reason so many people are tired all the time? Parasites attach themselves to body parts so that the immune system won't attack them. These parasites eat only the best nutrients and leave you with the scraps. Parasitic animals of this form can easily travel anywhere in the human body. A study conducted on people that were in World War II, found over 15% were infected with a very dangerous parasite called Stronglyloides. Strongyloides can travel anywhere inside the human body, but their favorite living quarters are the brain, muscles and joints. These are the reconnaissance troops for all other parasites. Imagine, after over 30 years, these parasites were found in these people.

    All organisms secrete something; lubricants for moving waste products, protective liquids for warding off viruses or even to attract food. All these secretions are toxic to the human body. There are no exceptions.

    Food poisoning is a very good example of what these microscopic organisms can do. Over a long period of time these secretions can cause many health related problems.

    A parasite eats, lays eggs, and secretes waste products to be food for other parasites. Different parasites eat different things. Sugar based foods are favorite meals for certain parasites. There are parasites that exist only to clean up the mess left by other parasitic hosts. It is well known that diabetic tendencies are caused by a form of parasite. They exist mainly in the intestine but some have been found in the liver as well.

    Parasites eat only the best nutrients and leave you with the scraps.

    Your body is always producing enzymes to detoxify itself form the
    by-products of having parasites in the body.

    These by-products of parasites and tapeworms are toxic to your body. This overload of toxins is hard on the immune system if left for a long time.

    A strong immune system is very mandatory for good health. Chronic parasite infection is not healthy. For example, if the bowel cannot handle the infestation of parasites, the excess goes to the liver. If this happens and the liver is unable to handle the invaders, the bloodstream is then invaded. If this happens the whole body is overloaded and chronic fatigue sets in. How many people do you know who are tired all the time?

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fatigue
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  • Parasitical infections have three stages:
    infant, intermediary and adult. To eliminate the parasitical infection, you must first kill the parasite so that no more eggs are laid.

    Then, you must remove them from the body. Next, you must make sure that re-infestation cannot occur.

    If you do not, parasites and tapeworms will reinfest your body. It is extremely important that all family members including your pets be treated when killing off parasites.

    Oxy-Powder works by introducing stabilized nascent oxygen into the bloodstream and intestinal tract.


    Super Phos 30

    Super Phos 30

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    It is estimated that 90% of the population has at least one form of parasite in the body. PARA-BUSTER™ is one of the most powerful aids in helping the body eliminate harmful organisms and parasites. Once a person is infected it is not too difficult to eliminate the adult parasites. The more difficult part is dealing with the life cycle of the parasite which can take a considerable amount of time to accomplish. (PB)

  • Parasites
  • Doing a Liver, Gallbladder, Intestinal, and Parasite Flush

    There are no exceptions when it comes to parasites, as parasites are the Number 1 cause of more diseases and illnesses than anything else you can imagine.

    Even "clean" drinking water may contain many forms of parasites.

    We at clinic offer you an effective parasite cleansing program that will eliminate parasites.

    You will feel better, look better, think better and enjoy life so much more. We invite you to experience for yourself our unique parasite cleansing program. Your body will love you for it!

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