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19 / 04 / 2018
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One of the most frequent bowel problems that people experience today is constipation. Why is the Colon Cleansing so important? Check it out.
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Fasting & Colon Cleansing

Fasting & Colonic Cleansing Program
Integrated medical courses Blending ancient
Ayurvedic & modern sciences

Fasting & Colon Cleansing

RECOMMEND READING: There is plenty of information on fasting and colon cleansing. Check our library for the following recommend books:       

Colonic Cleansing: "Cleanse & Purify Thyself", "Tissue Cleansing trough Bond Management", "The Destruction of your Defense Mechanism", "Colon & the Health of the body".

Fasting: "Spiritual Nutrition & the Rainbow diet", "Survival into the 21st Century", "Autobiography of a Yogi", "Living on the Light"; many other books on nutrition/diet, herbal, oxygen therapies and many other healing modalities; We also share with you unpublished information from the personal intense experimentation and intuitive "discoveries" of Dr. Eddy, the founder of the Integrative medical Clinic and facilitator of the fasting and cleansing program.

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Expectations and Too Much Information

It is essential to drop all expectations and all information that we have read and heard because it will only interfere with our inner process, which is unique to us only. The real work is unseen and it may be not felt or recognized for month. Usually what happens is the exact opposite of what is expected or demanded in a fixed way.

Why Fasting?

Fasting is an essential ingredient of most spiritual practices since ancient times (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha etc.) and is based on the recognition of the body as the "temple of consciousness." The body needs to be adequately prepared to sustain different levels of spiritual experiences. Dense matter and lower vibrations need to be traded off with light/prana so that we can evolve. Fasting is a form of healing and its main focal point is that when eating is stopped the body shifts into a state of detoxification. Cells start releasing unwanted toxic material into the bloodstream with the intention to eliminate it via the elimination organs colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and the lymphatic system. Fasting goes gradually into deeper layers of detoxification. The first circle is skipping a single meal. "Hunger" occurs after 4 ? hours, 9 hours, 18 hours, 36 hours, 3 ? days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks and so on. The feeling of hunger is emotionally rather than physically based because we can intentionally bypass it. Long-term fasters, liquidarians, breatharians are living proof of this. A critical point is the 36 hours after which the actual cellular detoxification is activated and the lymphatic system starts moving substantial quantities of toxin. In one week the entire bloodstream has been cleansed to the degree that a person's consciousness has allowed no more or less of what has been appropriate for the time being.

Why Cleansing?

The essence of the cleansing program is to recognize how our choices affect our being and choose consciously to take the responsibility for these choices. The purpose is not get rid of toxicity. This is denial of a pert of ourselves and it cannot be exorcised. It will keep coming back until we feel at peace with all parts of our psyche. The purpose is to recognize the parts of ourselves that have served us in the past (so we can evolve where we are now) and now we choose to move onto a lighter sphere of existence. The fact that these parts are no longer serving our current needs doesn't mean that we act irresponsibly, denying that we have needed them in the past and denying them as alien beings. They are part of our consciousness and the need to be accepted, respected and loved, not graceful evaporation and transmutation into light. In fact, the "toxic" energy accumulated inside of us doesn't go away, it simply transmutes into a lighter form more useful to our current needs and choices.

What is Really Doing all the Work?

The real cleansing work is done by consciousness our inner healing mechanism. The supplements, herbs, water etc. are simple provide the necessary nurturing and support to the organs and bodily systems that go through a very intense detox experiences. After a number of fasts and cleanses there is no need for any supplement because the body recognizes the intention and becomes entrained and very efficient in detoxifying itself. Even toxic food doesn't hurt the body if it is taken occasionally, consciously, responsibly and without denial, ignorance or arrogance. It is a process of trust and surrender to our inner wisdom.
It penetrates all levels of our being, most importantly our cellular system, and transfers vital consciousness information that registers in the cells. It becomes a point of reference form now onwards, pulling magnetically the body-mind to a higher vibrational frequency. This is what really happening. The fasting - cleansing process accelerates healing towards a higher vibrational state of existence. We have observed, over a period of years, people releasing less dense material, but they are also transformed much deeper. We guess that this reflects the raising of the vibrational frequency of the planet and the increased number of beings resonating to this raising.

Healing Crisis?

Don't forget that cleansing reactions do not last (unless we keep stubbornly resisting), and they indicate that a healing crisis is at work. Healing crises are the body's natural Detoxification mechanism. They bring to the surface and flush out the original cause of the imbalance (or the appropriate layer at the time.) Healing crises are the wisest guides we could ever have and are only offered to people who have earned it trough their strong intention or commitment (even unconsciously). Healing crises are always chosen and invited by our deepest self, and therefore can never hurt us.
We'll never invite something unnecessary or something we are unable to handle at the time. Our welcoming of the healing, or our resistance, holds the key in how we experience each healing crisis. There can be no health restoration with out some sort of healing crisis sooner or later. It feels exactly like an infected wound. If we decide to heal it by disinfecting it, it would probably hurt for a while but it is obviously the only way.
HOWEVER WHEN A HEALING CRISIS PERSISTS it becomes obvious that (unless we decide to let go the associated blockage) we may not be ready for the release and we shouldn't stubbornly torture ourselves. We can do it later on, when we are ready.

Feeling "Weakness" "No Energy"

More people nowadays are feeling increasingly "weak" and "tired" during the fast, as compared to a few years ago. Yet this actually an illusion of the mind. Fasting allows much more energy to be utilized, but is mostly directed into the healing of what is essential and not to entertain our mind's familiar patterns.
It is a period of time when not only does our mind need to be more still, but also our body needs to be still. We don't need to be "energetic", or "feel good". It is entirely irrelevant to the healing process. If we'll quickly recognize that we need to listen and pay attention to subtle shifts. This requires physical stillness. We need to remember that

Digesting Emotions & Beliefs

Let's choose any nutritional system that we feel comfortable with: combination diet, raw food diet, Chinese, fish and chicken, macrobiotic, lacto vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, breatharian. Then, identify our choice as our main diet for any time period any cravings for "prohibited foods, drinks etc." WE DO NOT SUPPRESS and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT. We can simply write them down and allow our self to enjoy all of them in 1-2 days with no barriers and no remorse. We can treat and reward the part of us that craves. We can acknowledge it and satisfy its needs but only during that predetermined time period. After that "junk food day" we can do a good cleanse of e.g. a weekend fast on juices & water with perhaps enemas/ colonic irrigation and herbal support, if possible. Then we can go back to our chosen diet. In this simple way there is no suppression, no guilt, no abuse. We bring consciousness into all modes: our healthy eating, our emotional enjoyment, and our fasting-cleansing. Our Consciousness honors our body and therefore there is no toxicity endangerment. We enjoy all choices and we feel empowered to choose our desired state rather than feeling enslaved constantly satisfying cravings or being trapped in a rigid health diet. Acknowledge, appreciate and love the whole of ourselves.

Fasting & Colon Cleansing Programs

Our deep cleansing program use herbs, chlorophyll and oxygen products, absorbed directly into the blood stream. Each program has been designed by Dr. Eddy.

Benefits of the Programs in the Integrative Medical Clinic

Spirulina: organically grown and provides over 100 vital nutrients: amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes etc.

Triphala: tonifies the large intestine and provides extra energy

Oxygen magnesium drinks: cleanse small intestine prior to colon cleanse, accelerating deep tissue cleansing by at least two days

Vitamin C, glucose and Mineral drink: stabilizes blood sugar, prevents dehydration and supplies constant flow of vitamin C, following the 11/2 hour biological cycle

Sublingual herbs: placed under the tongue for direct absorption into the bloodstream, avoiding stomach upsets and vomiting

  • vomiting
  • Chlorophyll: accelerates blood cleansing
    Oxygen spray: direct absorption into the bloodstream

    Colloidal silver: boosts immune system and accelerates cellular detoxification Ocean trace minerals: to give metabolic enzymes equilibrium

    Aromatherapy oils sprays: for healing emotional imbalances

    Herbal tonic: for stamina and high spirits

    Polarity "zapping": activates the thymus gland, which controls the immune system

    Skin brushing: to discard dead skin, stimulate blood circulation and clear the auric field.
    Herbal steam: detoxifies lungs and lymph system trough the skin

    H2O2 spray: oxygen absorption trough the skin assists the lungs and lymphatic system to detoxify Colonic Irrigation: professional Colonic irrigations (colon-hydro-therapy) with special colonic machine (gentle & safe cleansing) and oxygenated UV-sterilized water, after cleansing flushing of herbal implant

    Intestinal flora implant: very concentrated replacement of "good" bacteria, so it won't leak or be expelled, staying and multiplying in the large intestine for 1 or 2 days
    Colonic water temperature: body temperature, invigorating the colon muscle and making easier to retain water longer
    Taste balance: supplements and drinks vibrationally activate all 5 elements in rotation

    Deep tissue detox: 7 days of deep tissue detox starts after 15 hours, instead of around 2 ? days in most other cleansing programs

    Fasting & colonic cleansing expertise: our instructors have done over 1.200 colonic irrigations and facilitated hundreds of faster over the last few years

    Personal attention: although you must take the prime responsibility for your health, we are here to support you when you need it

    Care and love: we will sit with you and share you feelings, whatever time of the day or night

    Spiritual intent: to assist the raising of human vibrations and allow the higher self to reveal the unique destiny each has chosen.

    Oxy-Powder works by introducing stabilized nascent oxygen into the bloodstream and intestinal tract.

    The Bowel Program

    Bacteria are always at the root of bowel problems, such as pain, bloating and gassiness. They can not be killed by zapping, because the high frequency current does not penetrate the bowel contents. 
    Although most bowel bacteria are beneficial, the ones that are not, like Salmonella, Shigella, and Clostridiums are extremely detrimental because they have the ability to invade the rest of your body and colonize a trauma site or tumorous organ. These same bacteria colonize a cancer tumor and prevent shrinking after the malignancy is stopped.
    One reason bowel bacteria are so hard to eradicate is that we are constantly reinfecting our-selves by keeping a reservoir on our hands and under our fingernails. So the first thing to do is improve sanitation. Use 50% grain alcohol in a spray bottle at the bathroom sink. Sterilize your hands after bathroom use and before meals.

    Second, use betaine hydrochloride to kill Clostridium bacteria (2 tablets 3 times a day).

    Third, use turmeric (2 capsules 3 times a day, this is the common spice), which I find, helps against Shigella, as well as E. coli. Expect orange colored stool.

    Fourth, use fennel (2 capsules 3 times a day). 

    Fifth, use digestive enzyme tablets with meals as directed on the bottle. (But only as long as necessary, because these frequently harbor molds.)

    Sixth, use a single 3 capsule of TRIKATU Dose each 1 cps. 1 hour before meal. Add it to half a glass of water or fruit juice and sip over a fifteen-minute period. Seventh, if you are constipated, take TRIPHALA (three herb formula, start with one capsule a day, use up to maximum on the label, extra magnesium (300mg magnesium oxide, 2 or 3 a day), and drink a cup of hot water upon rising in the morning. This will begin to regulate your elimination.
    It can take all eight to get rid of a bad bacteria problem in a week. Afterward, you must continue to eat only sterile dairy products. Note that the Kidney Cleanse is often effective with bowel problems. Try it also.
    You will know you succeeded when your tummy is flat, there is not a single gurgle, and your mood improves.

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    combines Western medicine with Complementary and Alternative medicine and mind-body-spirit approaches to health and healing.
    Live Blood Analysis
    Two drops of blood under a specialized high powered ultra-dark field microscope, reveals anomalies in the blood. The unique tool for prevention.
    Is recognized by most as the most powerful and versatile therapy known in alternative health because it plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of the body. Check it out why.
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    In no event will the be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance upon the information provided through this web site.
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    Oxy-Powder will help melt away and eliminate the compaction from the small intestine, large intestine and colon, safe and effectively

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    Super Phos 30
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