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Testicular cancer
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Testicular cancer

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Eating well, managing stress and exercising are ways to promote your overall health and cope with any form of cancer. Ask your doctor for specific suggestions about managing testicular cancer. These suggestions may differ from what you read below.

Eat well
Good nutrition is especially important for people undergoing cancer treatment. But eating well can be difficult if you're undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. You may feel nauseated or lose your appetite. Foods may seem tasteless.

Even so, eating well during cancer treatment can help you maintain your stamina and better cope with chemotherapy or radiation. Good nutrition may also help you prevent infections and remain more active.

Remember these strategies for eating well when you don't feel well:

  • Eat protein-rich foods. These foods can help build and repair your body tissues.

  • Keep an open mind about food. Something that is unappealing today might taste better to you next week.

  • Make the most out of feeling well. Eat as many healthy foods as you can. Prepare meals that you can easily freeze and reheat. Also look for low-fat frozen dinners and other prepared foods. Try to eat four to six small meals each day rather than one or two big meals.

  • Give meals a pleasant atmosphere. Whenever possible, eat at a table set with attractive dishes and flowers.

  • Pack in the calories. If you're concerned about weight loss, add extra calories to the foods you eat. For example, spread butter, jam or honey on bread. Sprinkle foods with chopped nuts.

  • Eat less more often. If you have trouble eating enough food in a single meal, eat smaller amounts of food more frequently. Drink nutritious liquids, such as fruit juices and milk. Keep snacks handy so that you can easily eat when you feel like it. Apples, grapes, carrots, celery, slices of bananas, popcorn and other healthy foods are good snack choices.

  • Consider alternative cooking methods. If the aroma of cooking foods makes you feel ill, heat foods in a microwave. Choose foods that require little cooking or that don't have powerful odors.

Manage stress
When you worry, look beyond the specific event involved. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the worst thing that can happen?

  • How likely is it that the worst will happen?

  • Have I done everything I realistically can to influence the outcome of the situation?

  • Will the outcome change my life substantially? Will I even remember it several years from now?

Methods for reducing physical tension can also help you manage stress. One simple and powerful technique is to simply close your eyes and notice your breathing. Pay attention as you inhale and exhale. Your breathing will become slower and deeper, promoting relaxation. Another technique is to lie down, close your eyes, slowly scan your entire body for points of tension and release each one.

Besides increasing your endurance, aerobic exercise can lift your mood and produce a calming effect that lasts well after you finish your workout. Jogging, swimming and brisk walking are all examples of aerobic exercise. Choose an activity that increases your heart rate for at least 20 minutes. Try to do these activities for 30 minutes several times a week if at all possible.

Activities such as running and swimming that require repetitive movements can produce a mental state similar to meditation. So can yoga and other stretching exercises.


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