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Food Allergy
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Food allergy

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If you encounter an unpleasant reaction after eating certain foods - hives, itching, swelling or trouble breathing - you may have a food allergy. Then again, you might not.

Less than 2 percent of adults and 8 percent of children actually have a true food allergy. This is little consolation if you've had a bad experience and fear a recurrence. That's why it's important to distinguish a food allergy from more common problems such as food intolerance, indigestion or other conditions.

Suggested Supplements: 


Oxy-Powder - Do a cleanse one time a month for 3 months.  Follow this with the maintenance dosage.  Will keep digestive tract clean and provide the body with oxygen.


Vitamin C - 1,000 mg three to five times daily.  Cut back on dosage if loose stools occur.

Natural antihistamine effect on the body.


Oregano Oil - 6 drops in veggie capsule three times daily with food.


OptiMSM - 3,000 to 5,000 daily.  Reduces inflammation.


Stinging Nettles - 300 to 500 mg daily.  Reduces inflammation and allergic responses.


Essential Fatty Acids - 1 - 2 tablespsoons organic freshly ground flaxseed one time daily or 3 grams of fish oil daily. Freshly ground flax seed may provide more nutrients than flax seen oil.  Reduces inflammation.


Quercitin - 1,000 mg three times daily.  Natural antihistamine.


Organic Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement - Take according to product label. Immune system support.



Below is a list of some Homeopathic herbs you may want to try:

Arsenicum album: This type of herb is useful for people who are highly sensitive to many foods and substances, and respond to them by feeling restless, ill, and exhausted.

Calcarea carbonica: This herb is often helpful to responsible, steady people who become fatigued and overwhelmed.

Calcarea phosphorica: Irritability, headaches, stomach and abdominal pains, and a craving for “junk food” are all indications for this herb.

Carbo vegetabilis: A person who reacts to foods or substances with weakness, faintness, chilliness, and indigestion may be helped by taking this herb.

Gelsemium: People who have allergic reactions with flu-like symptoms—weakness, trembling, aching muscles, droopy-looking eyes, and chills along the spine—may find this herb helpful.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum: People who need this herb are oversensitive to stimuli and substances of many kinds, and can be extremely irritable and touchy, often feeling worse from even slight exposure to cold or drafts.

Ignatia: This herb is indicated for sensitive, emotional, defensive, idealistic people with a tendency toward mood swings and cramping pains.

Lycopodium: People with food allergies that cause heartburn, gas, and rumbling in the abdomen may indicate a need for this herb.

Natrum carbonicum: This herb can be helpful to people who have trouble digesting and assimilating many foods and have to stay on restricted diets.

Natrum muriaticum: A person who reacts to allergens in many ways—with headaches, mouth sores, hay fever symptoms, respiratory problems, back pain, or fatigue needs this herb.

Nux moschata: If a person reacts to chemical or allergen exposure with an overwhelming feeling of sleepiness—or seems dizzy, giddy, or absent-minded—this herb will help.

Nux vomica: Irritability, cramping pains, and chilliness are typical when this herb is needed.

Petroleum: A person needing this herb can be extremely sensitive to fumes from traffic or industry, reacting with headaches, chilliness, diarrhea, and nausea with an empty feeling inside.

Phosphorus: People who need this herb react to many foods and substances by becoming tired, “spaced-out,” and dizzy, and may have headaches, nosebleeds, respiratory problems, nausea, or diarrhea.

Silicea: This herb is good for individuals who have low stamina, are prone to fatigue, and are very sensitive to substances.

Sulphuricum acidum: People with intense sensitivity to fumes and environmental toxins may benefit from this herb.

There are also other areas of life that can be altered to assist the body to fight against allergies.

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