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The word 'dyslexia' comes from the Greek and means 'difficulty with words'. Dyslexia also called specific reading disability, dyslexia is the most common learning disability in children. It is a difference in the brain area that deals with language. It affects the under-lying skills that are needed for learning to read, write and spell. Brain imaging techniques show that dyslexic people process information differently.

Coping skills

Emotional support and opportunities for achievement in activities that don't involve reading are important for children with dyslexia.

If your child has dyslexia:

  • Be supportive. Having difficulty learning to read may affect your child's self-esteem. Be sure to provide love and to support his or her talents and strengths.

  • Talk to your child. Explain to your child what dyslexia is and that it's not a failure on his or her part. The better your child understands this, the more likely he or she is to cope with and overcome this learning disability.

  • Take steps at home to make it easier for your child to study. Provide a clean, quiet, organized place for your child to study, and suggest a study time. Also, make sure your child gets enough rest, good nutrition and family support — through outings and activities — to provide a better environment in which he or she can learn.

Stay in close touch with your child's teachers so that they're fully aware of your child's situation and so that you and they can reinforce one another's actions. If available, tutoring sessions with a reading disorders specialist can be very helpful for many children with dyslexia.

Don't be Defeated by Dyslexia! Dyslexia is a learning disorder that means "difficulty with words" and affects the way that a person reads. Dyslexia now affects millions of people around the world. A person that has Dyslexia can learn but will learn at their own pace and level. Many times a person with Dyslexia will excel in another area, such as in mathematics. Here are some of the problems someone with Dyslexia might face: (1) memory problems (2) understanding (3) abstract reasoning (4) social adjustment (5) concentration (6) poor school grades (7) eye-hand coordination (8) underachievement. Too often Dyslexic people are seen by others as lazy, not motivated, or even below normal intelligence. Those suffering those types of judgments need all the support they can get from family and friends. They will also need special help in learning. It is important that family and friends of someone suffering from Dyslexia offer support and encouragement so that the Dyslexic doesn't feel alone and isolated. It is also important that for the person with Dyslexia there is moral support both at home and at school or at work. People with Dyslexia will often have to work harder than the average person to make achievements and move ahead. Now that Dyslexia is understood more fully than at any time in history, there are educational helps for those who need it. Dyslexics have a hard time reading and writing, but shouldn't give up trying to learn. There are tools available to help them have an easier time. They can ask others to write something down for them. They can also ask them to repeat directions or read them aloud. When they are word processing, they have the handy spellchecker tool, which will also help with grammar. There are many organizations that the Dyslexic can use for support and to associate with people that suffer from the same learning disability. It is important for someone with Dyslexia to feel that they are not alone and they can reach the same point that someone without Dyslexia can get too it will just take them longer to get there. Other methods that a person suffering from Dyslexia can try if they are in school are to make sure teachers and instructors are aware of the learning disability. They should be able to take longer during exam time and may need someone to read the questions to them as well as help in writing down the answers in a timely manner. If you know someone, or struggle yourself, with reading, writing, or learning, it might be dyslexia. Professional guidance and the right help be hugely beneficial to an individual with dyslexia. Many individuals with Dyslexia have been very successful in all variety of areas of life. There is no reason you or your loved ones should not overcome the obstacles of Dyslexia - with help, determination, and good advice. Joe Brown is the owner of Utah Dyslexia, a fantastic resource for information about Dyslexia, For more articles on Dyslexia why not visit: http://www.utahdyslexia.com/ articles.

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