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Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease - (CJD)
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Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease - (CJD)

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Degenerative Diseases

From MayoClinic.com


Most countries have adopted measures to prevent BSE-infected tissue from entering the food supply. Great Britain and the European Union have some of the most stringent guidelines, including a ban on animal feed containing meat-and-bone meal; strict procedures for dealing with sick animals; a registry that follows every cow throughout its life; and required screening of all cattle 30 months and older those most likely to harbor infection. Japan, which has the most aggressive BSE surveillance in the world, tests nearly all cattle.

What you can do

To help reduce the risk of contracting CDJ from infected beef, consider these options:

  • Be selective when eating abroad. For that reason, be selective when eating beef in other parts of the world, especially in countries without stringent safeguards. Ask questions about where the meat comes from. If you don't feel safe eating beef, choose something else on the menu.

  • Choose the right cuts. Avoid the highest-risk parts of cattle, such as the eyes, brain, spinal cord and intestine. You may feel more comfortable avoiding hot dogs, hamburger, sausages and deli meats. Keep in mind that natural sausage casings made from sheep intestines may also put you at risk. On the other hand, muscle meats such as steaks and roasts don't appear to harbor the prions that cause BSE.

  • Go organic. Several other choices exist if you're nervous about BSE but want to continue to eat beef. Many independent farmers, natural foods stores, co-ops and some larger grocery stores sell organic beef. This meat comes from cows fed on grains and grasses rather than on feed that contains parts of other animals. If you're nervous about vCJD, you might feel better feeding your family beef from cows that have eaten only grass. Organic beef is labeled with a green circular symbol that signifies it's certified.

Blood safety

To help ensure the safety of the blood supply, people with a risk of exposure to CJD or vCJD aren't eligible to donate blood. This includes people who:

  • Have a biological relative who has been diagnosed with CJD

  • Have received a dura mater brain graft

  • Have received human growth hormone

  • Spent a total of at least three months in the UK from 1980 to 1996

  • Spent five years or more in France from 1980 to the present

  • Received a blood transfusion in the UK between 1980 and the present

  • Have injected bovine insulin at any time since 1980

If you're contemplating surgery and feel uncertain about the safety of the blood supply, consider donating your own blood (autologous donation) before your surgery, especially if it involves your bones, blood vessels, urinary tract or heart the operations most likely to require a transfusion. Blood can be stored in its liquid form for 42 days, and you can donate blood up to 72 hours before your procedure. This allows your body enough time to replenish its blood supply before the operation.

Other methods of transmission

The best way to protect yourself from products that may harbor infection is to become as well informed as possible.

Vaccines. Some parts of cows, such as blood, enzymes and amino acids, are used to grow the bacteria and viruses needed to make certain vaccines. But not all vaccines are grown in cattle parts.


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