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Alopecia - Baldness - Alopecia totalis - Alopecia universalis
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Alopecia - Baldness - Alopecia totalis - Alopecia universalis  


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Caution: Don't be too rough when you are massaging your scalp. Vigorous pulling or brushing can actually pull hair out of your head and damage the hair. 

Meditation is an effective means for reducing stress and tension. Sit quietly and observe your breathing. 

Nails are the reflexes for the hair and scalp. Five minutes buffing of the fingernails of one hand against the other daily may help hair and scalp problems. 

For hair loss caused by stress, work the diaphragm and adrenal reflexes. 

Yoga postures can help to relieve tension in your neck and indirectly aid in keeping hair healthy. 

Inverted postures like 

  • Downward- Facing Dog, 

  • Standing Forward Bend, 

  • Shoulder stand, 

  • Headstand, Camel pose, 

  • Cobra pose and Cow Pose are believed 

  • help keep hair healthy. 

The Downward-Facing Dog. 

  • Start on your hands and knees. 

  • Rock back and up on to your feet, straighten your arms, chin on chest. Hold, then return to the starting position. 

  • The Headstand is said to increases the blood flow to the scalp. 

  • Avoid if you have heart problems or High blood pressure.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Hair Loss 

In Ayurveda, hair is considered to be a byproduct of bone formation. 

The tissue responsible for building bones are also responsible for the growth of hair. 

Ayurveda doctors believe that early hair loss is related to body type and the balance of the mind-body constitution (doshas) and those who have excess pitta in their system, are likely to lose their hair early in life, or have prematurely thin or gray hair. 

Excess pitta in the sebaceous gland, at the root of the hair, or folliculitis can make the person start losing hair. 

Hair loss is treated in Ayurveda with a combination of diet, herbs, oil massage, meditation, aromatherapy, breathing and yoga. 

To reduce pitta and preserve the health of hair, drink 1/3 cup aloe vera juice. Alternately, you can take 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel with a pinch of cumin 3 times a day for about 3 months. 
Baldness is treated by bleeding from the forehead after treatment with oils and sweating, followed by lotions and pastes of manahsila, kuttannata, devadaru, gunja, malati, karavira, citraka, naktamala, blue and green vitriol, and black pepper. 

Ayurvedic Oil Massage 

To pacify pitta, rub some coconut oil on your scalp and on the soles of your feet at bedtime. Massage your scalp with Brahmi oil or Bhringaraj oil at bedtime to help prevent hair loss. Massage the hair with vitamin E oil. This also may prevent or slow down the hair loss. 

Ayurvedic Diet for Hair 

Eat a handful of white sesame seeds every morning. One handful of these small seeds contains about 1,200 mg. of calcium and magnesium. Take some yogurt everyday (unless you are allergic to milk). 

Ayurvedic Herbs For hair loss Use the following herbal combination: 

Dashmula 5 parts Bhringaraj 4 parts Jatamamsi 3 parts Add 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture to 1 cup of goat's milk. Heat to boiling, and drink at bedtime. 

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss 

Several homeopathic remedies are thought to be effective for hair loss, particularly thinning caused by pregnancy, stress, or emotional trauma. 

How To Take: Use 6c strength except when indicated otherwise. 

  • Fluoric acid - For brittle hair that falls out in small tufts. 

  • Lycopodium - For premature balding and graying, or hair loss after childbirth. Eczema is often behind the ears. 

  • Kali carbonicum: For dry, thinning hair. 

  • Kali Sulphuricum - For yellow, flaking dandruff, which may be moist or sticky. Hair may fall out, leaving bald spots. Take one tablet twice daily for maximum 2 weeks. 

  • Natrum mur - When hair loss is accompanied by dandruff and white crusts on the scalp. Greasy around the hairline. 

  • Phosphorus - Indicated when hair falls out in handfuls. 

  • Phosphorum acidum: Take 1X every six to eight hours for alopecia stemming from depression.

  • Selenium - For hair loss on the body and scalp. The scalp feels painful when touched. 

Tissue Salts Take 4 tablets under tongue three times daily. 

  • Calc phos. - For hair loss after a fever

  • Kali sulph - When the hair loss is accompanied by dandruff with dry, scaly eruptions.

  • Nat mur - For hair that is dry and falls out, or for beard hair that falls out. 

  • Silicea - When the hair lacks nourishment, this remedy helps to bring strength and bounce back to the hair. 

Important Herbs for Hair Loss / Hair Loss, Baldness

  Herbs for Hair Loss 



  Important Herbs for Hair Loss

  Ayurvedic Herbs

  Chinese Herbs 

Aloe Arnica Birch Burdock Catmint Chamomile Horsetail Licorice Marigold Nettles Parsley Rosemary Sage Southernwood Stinging nettle

Brahmi Jatamamsi Dashmula Bhringaraj

Psoralea seeds Mulberries Oyster 


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