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The dark field blood diagnostics is a special viewpoint of the alive blood under the microscope.
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LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS - Darkfield Nutritional Microscopy


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Live Blood Cell Analysis

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Joerg gutter

writes "

The dark field blood diagnostics is a special viewpoint of the alive blood under the microscope. It concerns thereby a qualitative view and differs thus substantially from the well-known school medical blood picture, with which the quantitative proportions of the individual blood components form the emphasis. With the dark field blood diagnostics therefore the possibility results of recognizing very promptly disturbances in the body. This is already with disorders the case, thus already for a long time before itself school medically invaluable disturbances or changes in organs result in. 

From where does this method come?

The history of the dark field blood diagnostics begins already in the year 1801 with James Adam. Were noticeable to it as first living primitive forms in a Mamma carcinoma cut. It gave thereby enormous research impulses. 1866 described professor Béchamp a hypothetical cycle of the alive substance. Based on it developed it the basic ideas of the Pleomorphismus (many forms). Louis Pasteur as a contemporary Béchamps had another, just as hypothetical view to the living substance. Its model for further discussion was that of the Monomorphismus.

Monomorphismus and Pleomorphismus

The Monomorphismus means that all microbes exist exclusively in being certain kinds and forms, reproduce themselves as such and cause as exciters specific in each case diseases. Completely differently with the Pleomorphismus, with which the alive basic substance always adapts to its environmental condition. The more favorably the living conditions become, the more highly are itself the developed ways of life. Here this basic substance (protein bodies, very with difficulty destroyable) goes over into

• viral stages (by stranger cells ble),
• bacterial stages (own metabolism and own divisibility) up to
• mushroom forms, which can increase even separate-sexually.

The respective stature form can cause then in humans different disease pictures, dependent on the existing environment.

Why do some humans remain exempted from diseases?

The researcher Claude Berne pool of broadcasting corporations (1850) explains in such a way: The environment of the landlord organism decides whether an infection illness concerns or not. An important factor is thus the life change and the nutrition. A controversy between two researchers supplied realizations also here (1892): Pettenkofer drank up a Cholera culture set by Robert cook, in order to prove to it that its theory of the infection ability with exciters is not correct by contact alone. For strong surprise Robert of cook got sick to Pettenkofer not to the Cholera.
Large research within the range of the Pleomorphismus was done particularly via two well-known scientists: Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein and Dr. Wilhelm von Brehmer. Both lived and researched until that 2. World war in Germany.

What did the research in the Pleomorphismus reach so far?

Dr. W. von Brehmer proved in the year 1932 on the basis the school medical proceeding (5 theories Robert cook) the fact that the bacterial stature form in the blood, mentioned by it Siphonospora is to be regarded polymorpha, as a cause of each cancer illness and received 1932 for its realizations the acknowledgment of realm public health authorities at that time. Also Professor Dr. G. Enderlein recognized that other stature forms are causal in the blood for a multiplicity at illnesses. Among other things are this diseases such as angina Pectoris, cardiac infarct, hearing fall, Ulcus curis, in addition, the Tuberculoses and cancer. The appropriate signs and stature forms in the blood under the dark field microscope become visible. Likewise appropriate medicines were developed on the basis this method.

Why isn't the method in the school medicine (still) used?

The basis of the school medicine is the cellular pathology. This means that each illness proceeds from the cell, which represents the smallest living unit. It follows ideas of the Monomorphismus. In addition it comes that the dark field microscope is an implement of the biologist, not the physician. The research work of over 200 researchers so far by the school medicine one ignores. That is despite the repeatability of the results above all because of the fact that at the foundation walls of the general teaching opinion it is shaken and a difficult reorientation is necessary (Pleomorphismus). There are however already first hospitals, which work successfully with the appropriate medicines from the range of the Pleomorphismus.

The authors
Joerg gutter concerns itself for over 17 years with the dark field blood microscopy and uses it daily in its own welfare practice. Appropriate successes are comprehensible thereby for the patient directly at the screen.

Read also for this the detailed article " the history of the dark field blood diagnostics " from HP Joerg gutter.

Joachim farmer organized and supports Joerg gutter with its training courses, specialized technical and fair appearances and is likewise member in the community of interests for dark field blood diagnostics.


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