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22 / 02 / 2018
Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)
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Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

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This simple test, Biological Terrain Assessment, or BTA 2000, costs about $150 and analyzes small amounts of blood, urine, and saliva to provide data about the current state of the building blocks of the body - your enzymes, amino acids, molecules, cells, and electrons. When you know how the chemistry of your body Is functioning, you can make lifestyle adjustments that support improvements in health. What is exciting about this particular test is its ability to pick up prepathological changes in the body that predispose one to bacterial and viral infections, as well as many chronic diseases.BTA is a powerful health screening instrument that provides valuable biochemical information about cellular function and cellular metabolism in the tissues, organs, and systems of the body. This includes such data as oxygen transport, nutrient delivery, waste removal, mineral retention, cellular absorption, and multiple metabolic chemical interactions.More specifically, it measures the acid/base balance, the degree of oxidative stress (how well your body is breaking down foods, and how much your body Is being affected by toxins), and the concentration of minerals in your three body fluids. The blood measurements are good indicators of cell function all over the body. The saliva measurements reflect liver function very well, since most of the saliva is lymph, and most lymph is produced in the liver. Finally, the urine measurements reflect how well the kidneys are functioning. The kidneys filter the blood, so whatever Is In the first morning urine represents what the body has too much of.In doing so, the BTA provides an understanding of your biochemistry, your internal biological terrain. It is not diagnostic for any specific pathology or disease states. Rather, the test data can impart objective analytical guideposts about the lymphatics and liver systems, the kidneys, and the blood itself. It also imparts knowledge about various bodily functions before any pathology develops.All of this provides valuable guidelines for the treatment of illness and the maintenance of health. It also is an objective way to determine if the course of your treatment is supporting or hindering progress. Remember, as the cells, tissues, and organs of the body Improve In function, you are much more able to think clearly and to heal. The BTA helps us monitor the improvement In your internal biochemistry.

To assure accurate BTA results, it Is very important that you follow the Instructions:

  • 3 Days prior to testing- Stop taking all alkalinizing agents
  • 2 Days prior to testing- Stop taking any medication; this includes allopathic, homeopathic & isopathic remedies and supplements (vitamins, antioxidants). Exceptions to this rule are life-supporting medicines (heart or diabetes medications).
  • Fast for 12-14 hours prior to your test. In order to do so, please complete your dinner prior to your test no later than 7 PM the night before. After dinner, brush your teeth. Then refrain from eating or drinking anything until after your test. Refrain from using any toothpaste, mouthwash, or mouth rinses both at bedtime and on the morning of your test. Also avoid using any lipstick or makeup around your mouth and lips. Such substances can change the chemistry of the mouth and saliva.
  • On the morning of your test, obtain a sample of your first morning urine. Try to obtain a mid-stream specimen. If you do not have a specimen cup, thoroughly wash a glass jar and lid (in the dishwasher is best), and bring the urine in this container instead. Some people have to get up during the night or early morning to urinate. If this happens to you at 4 AM or later, collect this urine.

Describing BTA test results:

Biological Terrain practitioners clinically monitor the entire internal biochemical environment of the body. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the in-depth elements within the patients chemistry and prescribe the exact forms of treatment to help the patients regain and maintain a healthy internal biochemical environment. Doing so at a chemical level can then, in time, translate vitality and health to every cell, tissue, organ and gland within the patients body.

  • The specimens of blood, urine, and saliva are analyzed by a device called a BTA S-2000, which determines the pH, resistivity, and redox values of each of these fluids. These factors are the indicators of the nature and processes of the individual's unique biochemistry, including the current status and activities of its enzymes, amino acids and other vital building blocks of life. The pH of these fluids can indicate whether the patient's system is too acidic or too alkaline, whether enzymatic activity in the body is occurring properly and if digestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are occurring adequately. It can also alert the health-care provider of the presence of damaging environmental or industrial contaminants, substances that can prove very damaging to the body's delicate chemistry. The oxidation-reduction values indicate the state of oxygen in the individual's system. Because of the effects of stress, poor air and food quality, and the lack of aerobic exercise typical of most Americans, these values are generally much lower than they should be to sustain a healthy body. If these values remain low for extended periods of time, the body becomes more susceptible to illness, disease, degeneration and premature aging. The three redox values that are obtained and studied give the practitioner important information about the electron potential and movement within the body. Such information alerts the health provider of the degree of oxidative damage as well as the potential of vital and life-sustaining chemical reactions.
  • The nine values are then analyzed and plotted by the instrument's computer software onto a report that contains graphs and charts. The data are then assessed by the practitioner and used as a teaching guide to share with the patient.

Although the testing procedure does not diagnose any specific pathology or disease states, it does serve as an analytical guide post that tremendously aids in the overall evaluation of the patient.

Most Biological Terrain practitioners also incorporate many other forms of objective and subjective examinations and evaluations that, coupled with BTA S-2000 data, provide a deeper understanding of the biochemistry that is being affected or compromised.  This, in turn, enables the practitioner to formulate a very accurate diagnosis and precise treatment protocol.

Measuring Body Energy and Resistance to Disease

Your health depends upon the basic bio-chemical balance of the body, or the state of the biological terrain. Bio-Electric Terrain Analysis (BETA) is a system designed to calculate the state of the individual biological terrain. These principles have been used by space agencies to monitor the health of astronauts. From the BETA analysis it is possible to obtain a general picture of your health together with an indication of tendencies towards illness. It will also estimate your biological age (how much you are ageing) as opposed to your physical age - possibly proving that you are as young as you feel.The print-out of your evaluation will include recommendations concerning diet, life-style, follow-up tests, etc.The ScienceThree key elements, pH, redox potential, and electrical resistance are taken from three body fluids - blood, saliva, and urine. Acidity (pH) is a measure of the availability of positive electrical charges (protons) which relate to the efficiency of our defense mechanisms for fighting illness. Oxidation-reduction provides an indication of the number of electrons available and relates to the energy levels of the body. It also provides an indication of the degree of harmful free radicals in the system. The electrical resistance values indicate the levels of electrolytes including waste products (toxins) present in the fluid tested. These three values are related together by a mathematical equation (Nernst's formula) that provides the energy value measured in micro-watts. From this data the intelligent system provides an analysis of your state of health. By comparing with known norms, an estimation of your biological age as opposed to your chronological age can be made.Please note that this test does not diagnose any specific illness. The value of the test is in estimating the overall health and strength or weakness of the body. Where abnormalities are found the system will suggest possible causes and suggest remedial action to be taken.

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