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Ayurvedic Medicine


Ayurvedic Herbs R








Latin Name :

Rauwolfia serpentina

English Name :


Sanskrit / Indian Name :




An erect, evergreen perennating undershrub.

The pharmacological activity of Rauwolfia is due to the presence of several alkaloids of which reserpine is the most important. Rauwolfia has been employed for centuries for the relief of various central nervous system disorders, both psychic and motor, including anxiety states, excitement, maniacal behavior associated with psychosis, schizophrenia, insanity, insomnia and epilepsy. Extracts of the roots are valued for the treatment of intestinal disorders, particularly diarrhea and dysentery. It is also used as an antihelmentic.



Latin Name :

Ricinus communis

English Name :


Sanskrit / Indian Names :

Eranda, Gandharva hasta



An annual or perennial bush or occasionally a soft wooded small tree.

Castor oil consists principally of ricinoleic acid. The oil is used externally to relieve various inflammatory conditions of the skin and mucus membrane.

Small quantities of castor seed are used in the villages as a mild laxative for children. The seeds made into a paste or poultice are reported to be applied to sores, boils and gouty or rheumatic swellings. In Veterinary practice, castor oil is a safe and effective purgative for most animals and may be given also to pregnant animals. Castor oil is commonly used for the preparation of hair-oils, hair fixers and aromatic perfumes. It is used as an ingredient in hair lotions and tonics in concentrations of 0.5-20 per cent.



Latin Names :

Rosa damascena / Rosa centifolia

English Name :

Persian Rose

Sanskrit / Indian Names :

Satapatri / Satapatrika



An erect shrub, with red, pink or white flowers, which contain an essential oil.

The flowers also contain a bitter principle, tanning matter, fatty oil, and organic acids. The flower buds are astringent and are used in cardiac troubles, and as a tonic and aperients. The stamens and the fruit are astringent.



Latin Name :

Rosmarinus officinalis

English Name :


Sanskrit / Indian Name :




An exotic leafy evergreen shrub, cultivated in gardens in cool places for its pleasantly fragrant leaves.

The leaves of rosemary yield 1-2 per cent of a volatile oil (Oil of Rosemary) used in perfumery and medicine. In addition, the leaves contain a saponin, tannin, ursolic acid, carnosic acid, amyrins, betulin and rosmarinic acid. A phenolic fraction possessing antioxidant properties has been isolated from the leaves and also from the oil. A new triterpenoid, rofficerone, has been isolated from the aerial parts along with a-and ▀-amyrenones, 3-O-acetyloleanolic, and 3-O-acetylursolic acids. The root contains diterpene quinones, taxodione, 7-a-hydroxyroyleanone and cryptotanshinone. The foliage contains (Z, E) and (E, E) isomers of the enol ester.

Rosemary is mildly irritant and has been used as a carminative. Internally, the oil may be taken as a stimulant in doses of a few drops: a 5 per cent tincture is used as a circulatory and cardiac stimulant. The oil is useful in headache and in tardy menstruation. It is a diaphoretic and is employed with hot water in chills and colds. An emulsion prepared from the oil is used as a gargle for sore-throat. The oil exhibits antibacterial and protistocidal activity. All parts of the plant are astringent and serve as a nervine tonic and an excellent stomachic. An infusion of the plant with borax is employed as a hair wash and is said to prevent premature baldness, treats dandruff and other scalp infections. The plant has been found useful in atonic dyspepsia. The flowering tops and leaves are considered carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, aperient, emmenagogue, stimulant and stomachic and possess a strong antibacterial action.



Latin Name :

Rubia cordifolia

English Name :

Indian Madder

Sanskrit / Indian Names :

Manjishtha, Samanga


See more details here

Rubia cordifolia is a prickly creeper or climber with rootstocks.

Its principal constituents are purpurin, munjistin, xanthopurpurin or purpuroxanthin and Pseudopurpurin. The roots are credited with tonic, antiseptic, astringent and deobstruent properties. They are used in rheumatism. It is useful in skin infections, ulcers, inflammation and other skin disorders. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action.



Latin Name :

Rumex maritimus

English Name :

Golden Dock

Sanskrit / Indian Names :

Chukra bheda / Jungli palak



A stout erect annual.

The fruit contain rumarin, rutin and hyperin. Seeds contain 5.1 per cent tannin. Roots contain chrysophanic acid, saccharose and tannin. They are purgative, refrigerant and antipruritic.



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