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Ayurvedic Herbs / Thai Herbs - Medicinal Plants - F

Ayurvedic Herbs A-Z

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Ayurvedic Medicine


There are numerous medicinal plants in current use in Thailand. Ayurvedic medicine and Thai traditional medicine, each finding many uses and deserving to be exhibited to the enthusiasts who wish to know about the characteristics of its stem, flower, fruit together with the research work undertaken, it is impossible to exhibit all, or even the majority, of them. For this reason some common medicinal plants which received research attention both locally and internationally have been selected. In addition, some which have so far attracted little attention from researchers have also been included owing to their recognition in Ayurvedic Medicine and traditional medicine in Thailand as well as some Asian countries.

The information has been searched from the literature, selected and edited in order to be presented in this site, which will familiarize the reader with general characters of such plants. No botanical details are given owing to the nature of this work and also to limited space. Sketches of the plants, however, are given to enable the reader to recognize them. It should be noted that all Thai, Sanskrit, Latin and English common names of the plants appearing in this site are transliterated into English with the sound in mind, and not according to the official rules. In addition, owing to the limited space the traditional usage of each plant is meant to be representative, and by no means comprehensive.

Ayurveda Herbs - Thai Herbs Common Name   F
  • False mistletoe
  • False saffron
  • False Unicorn
  • False valerian
  • False vervain
  • Fatarfoda
  • Fan xia ye
  • Fan xie ye
  • Fang Feng
  • Father of All Foods (Al-fal-fa)
  • Featherfew
  • Featherfoil
  • Febrifuge plant
  • Felon herb
  • Felonwort
  • Felwort
  • Female regulator
  • Fenigreek
  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek
  • Fermented black soybean
  • Fetid hellebore
  • Fever plant
  • Fever root
  • Fever twig
  • Feverfew
  • Feverwort
  • Field balm
  • Field hop
  • Field primrose
  • Figwort
  • Figwort root
  • Finger leaf
  • Finocchio
  • Fir balsam
  • Fir pine
  • Fish Poison Tree
  • Five fingers
  • Five Leafed Chaste Tree
  • Five leafed ginseng
  • Five-finger grass
  • Flag-lily
  • Flannel flower
  • Fleur-de-lis
  • Florence fennel
  • Flower seed
  • Flower velure
  • Flower-de-luce
  • Flux root
  • Flytrap
  • Fo-Ti
  • Foal's Foot
  • Foenugreek
  • Food of the gods
  • Fool's cicely
  • Fool's parsley
  • Forsythia fruit
  • Foxberry
  • French Lilac
  • Fringetree Bark
  • Fritillaria
  • Fu hai shi
  • Fu ling
  • Fu ling pi
  • Fu shen
  • Fumitory
Ayurvedic Herbs English Name   F


Ayurvedic Herbs Latin/Scientific Name  F


Ayurvedic Herbs Sanskrit Name  F


Latin Name :

Ficus bengalensis

English Name :

Banyan Tree

Sanskrit / Indian Name :


Ficus bengalensisA very large tree, with spreading branches. The stembark contains ▀-sitosterol, a-D-glucose and meso- inositol. The leaves contain petunidin di-glycoside and quercentin 3-galactoside. The fruits contain cyanidin rhamnoglycoside and polysaccharides.

Various parts of the plant are considered medicinal. The milky juice is externally applied for pains and bruises and as an anodyne in rheumatism and lumbago. It is also used as a remedy for toothache. The leaves are heated and applied as poultice to abscesses. The bark is tonic, astringent and cooling. The seeds are also considered as cooling and tonic.

Latin Name :

Foeniculum vulgare

English Name :


Sanskrit / Indian Name :


Foeniculum vulgareA stout, glabrous, aromatic herb with small, yellow flowers and oblong fruits.

The fruits are aromatic, stimulant and carminative. They are official in the pharmacopoeias of all countries and are considered useful in diseases of the chest, spleen and kidney. The main constituent of the oil from the fruits is anethole. Other constituents are d-a-fenchone, methyl chavicol, d -apinene, camphene, d -a-phellandrene, dipentene and foeniculin (p -anol prenyl ether); basic constituents, anisaldehyde and anisic acid, are also reported to be present.

Fennel oil is mildly carminative and is useful in infantile colic and flatulence. It relieves griping abdominal pain and distention. The essential oil from the seeds is reported to have emmenogogue, oxytocic and abortifacient properties.



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