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Ayurvedic Glossary T

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Takra Buttermilk, a drink made by mixing water in yogurt and churning it
Tamaka svasa A kind of asthma.


The phase in the mind that brings activity to an end.  It imparts dullness and inertia to the mind and causes a loss of knowingness.  One of the three gunas or phase of activity in creation. It refers to the darkness, inertia, heaviness and the materialistic attitude.


Pertaining to the quality of tamas

Tanmatra It is the subtle essence of the five elements in the body i.e. sound, touch, sight, taste and smell.
Tantra It is a non vedic form of yoga leading divine ecstasy through certain rites that emphasize the erotic and forbidden. It is also known as kundalini-yoga it is centered on the divine female power; rule, ritual, scripture, religious treatise, loom, warp.

Tapa svedana

The application of dry heat to the body to reduce inflammation and congestion in the joints.

Tarpaka Located in the head it is one of the five subtypes of kapha having to itself the functions to nourish the sensory organs and help the brain and the five sensory organs to perform their function in the body.
Tejas Having the characteristics of light, illumination and brilliance it is the superfine essence of pitta, one of the five elements, fire.
Tikta Bitter taste or flavor.

Tikta Ghrita

Medicated ghee with a predominantly bitter taste used in abyantar snehana (internal oleation) to remove ama from the dhatus.

Tiksagni Strong digestive fire, increased activity of digestive fire.
Tiksna Sharp, hot, fiery, pungent.

Til Oil

Sesame oil.

Tri Three.
Tridosa The three dosas.
Tri-dosha It refers to the combination of three humors, morbid substances i.e. the vata, pitta and kapha. The human body is a combination of these three essential factors and these three doshas are responsible for maintaining the integrity of human body and for governing the physical structure and functions of the living beings.
Tridoshic Relating to tridoshas (see tridosha above).
Triguna The three qualities of Nature.
Trikatu It refers to the three pungents i.e. the sunthi or dry ginger, pippali or indian long pepper and maricha or black pepper.
Triphala: A laxative, combination of three fruits. An Ayurvedic recipe made by mixing equal quantities of fruits of three particular herbs.
Trishna It means thirst
Trivrita An herb (Indian jalap) used for purgation, Latin name: Operculina turpethum.
Tulasi Holy Basil. Latin Name: Ocimum sanctum.


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