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Ayurvedic Glossary K

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Kal Basti

A basti that is administered at a specific time for maximum effect

Kala Time period, season.
Kama It refers to the healthy and spiritual use of senses.
In ayurveda it is believed that the remedy of the disease is to be found in the the cause itself so the senses have a vital role to play in curing the ailment. It is a sexual desire apart from the other two i.e. the dharma and artha which are mostly desired by men and are the three things from which a yogi, the saint must keep himself away from besides greed, fear, sleep and wrath.
Kamya Desirable, amiable, performed for desiring an object.
Kanthya It is the natural substances that improve the hoarseness of voice and are good for throat, speech and voice.


The dosha or functional intelligence within the body governing cohesion, liquidity and growth. It is one of the three doshas i.e. the water humor, the intracellular fluid and the extra cellular fluid that plays significant role in the nutrition and existence of body cells and tissues.


An herb used to improve the function of shukra dhatu.

Karanja Indian beech, Latin name: Pongamia pinnata.
Karana Doing, making, effecting, causing.
Karavira Indian oleander, Latin name: Nerium indicum.


An action or procedure used in Panchakarma therapy. It refers to the religious act or rite but now has the literal meaning of action, work, deeds in life for one's present, past and future.

Karma Basti:

A month-long basti regimen administered to treat vata-related disorders

Karmendriya An organ of action, the working sense.
Karna-taila It is a Sanskrit word meaning oiling the ears.
Kasaya Astringent taste or flavor.
Kaumarabhrtya The branch of Ayurveda that deals with child- care ( pediatrics ).
Kathina Hard, firm, stiff, harsh, inflexible, cruel.

Katti Basti:

An external, localized application of medicated oil used in the region of the back.

Katu Pungent taste or flavor.
Katuka An herb, Latin name: Picrorhiza kurroa.
Kaya Body, habitation.

Kaya Kalpa:

Ancient rejuvenation procedure

Kay-cikitsa Treatment of body diseases, Internal Medicine.
Kedari kulya Irrigation canal analogy, a theory described in Ayurveda to explain the formation of tissues.
Keshyam These are the natural herbs and substances that strengthen hair and the hair root.
Khale kapota The grain pigeon analogy, a theory described in Ayurveda to explain the formation of tissues.
Khumbhaka In yoga it is a breathing exercise in which the breath is retained in a state of suspense when the mind is relaxed. This exercise re vitalizes the nervous system.
Kichadi It is meal that is prepared with basmati rice and split mungdal. Sometimes few other legumes and vegetables are also used.


A mixture of basmati rice and split yellow mung dal used to cleanse and balance the doshas during Panchakarma therapy.

Kledaka Wet, moist or phlegm in stomach.
Kledaka kapha It is one of the five subtypes of kapha. It has the vital function of moistening the food and liquefying the digested contents in the stomach.
Kosha It refers to the subtle bodies, the sheaths. Human body has five sheaths in all, namely the sheath of knowledge, the sheath of bliss, the sheath of prana, the sheath of mind and the sheath of food.
Ksheer Basti: A medicated milk decoction administered through the rectum which nourishes all the dhatus of the body.
Ksira Dadhi A theory described in Ayurveda to explain the formation of tissues.
Krishna It refers to the most popular earthly incarnations and romantic god in the Hindu mythology. Krishna is considered to be the ninth incarnation of Vishnu and is the embodiment of love and divine joy that destroys all pains and sufferings.
Kriya Action, practice, applying a remedy.
Kriyakala Duration of an action.
Kubera The God of riches and treasure.
Kundalini Meaning the spiritual life force, Shakti kundalini is the residue that remains after material consciousness is dissolved.
Kuti Cottage or hut.


Entering or living in a cottage for the purpose of rejuvenation.


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