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One of the most frequent bowel problems that people experience today is constipation. Why is the Colon Cleansing so important? Check it out.



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Ayurvedic Glossary B

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Bahya Snehana

External oleation used during Purvakarma (the preparatory procedures of (Panchakarma), specifically designed to liquefy and dislodge ama from the dhatus.

Bala This is a Sanskrit word which means strength.
Balya It is an energizer that gives strength to the body.

Bashpa Svedana:

Steam bath.  Part of the preparatory procedures of Panchakarma specifically used to dilate the srotas or channels of the body to facilitate the removal of toxins.


Therapeutic purification and rejuvenation of the colon.  One of the five main procedures of Panchakarma. It refers to the enema therapy of Panchakarma. Basti is the most effective treatment of vata disorder. Vata is a predominant site in the colon. In ayurveda basti involves the introduction of herbal solution of sesame in the rectum. Basti relieves constipation, distention, chronic fever, cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, backache, sciatica and other joint pains like arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle spasm and headaches.


The sixth stage of disease manifestation characterized by complications. Division, variety and distinction.

Bhedaniya These are the substances that break down fecal matter and help remove it out of the body thus cleaning the colon.

Bhrajak Pitta:

The metabolic function associated with the skin. A type of Pitta that gives color or shining to the skin.

Bhrajaka Located in the skin of the whole body it is one of the five sub types of pitta and has the function of giving color to the skin and provide luster.
Bhakti It means devotion for the almighty, faithfulness, worshipful service, homage and loyalty towards the creator.
Bhutagni The fire (enzyme) that digests elements (bhuta).


The five elements.

Bhuta-vidya The science dealing with microorganisms and evil spirits, demonology.
Bodhaka Located at the root of the tongue and the pharynx it is one of the five subtypes of kapha and enables perception of taste.
Brahma It is the name of the first god in the Hindu God trinity. Considered as the creator of all mankind, all that lives and constitutes the mortal universe he has the universe as his body that manifests the energy of creation.
Brahma-muhurta Time period (two hours) preceding sunrise.
Brahmacharya A state of continence followed during student life, routine followed while studying Vedas.
Bruhan Nasya: Medicated oil introduced into the nostrils to nourish both the senses and the brain.
Bruhaniya These are the herbs / natural substances that promote growth.
Buddhi Refers to the intellect of the living beings, the faculty of wisdom, intelligence and discrimination. There are two types of buddhi namely: pitta buddhi which is sharp and has the capability of discrimination, understanding and appreciation providing a strong remote and recent memory, whereas the other one i.e.: the kapha buddhi is slow, dull and capability to understand little with the capacity to retain it.


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