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Dr. phil. William von Brehmer

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  • The study of the muzzle and claw epidemic - an entrance into the cancer research

  • The discovery of Siphonospora polymorpha

  • The pressure of the NSDAP on its research

  • The bases of its cancer therapy

  • A short view  

The study of the muzzle and claw epidemic - an entrance into the cancer research  

The second discoverer, who must be mentioned one absolutely, if from the Pleomorphismus the speech is, is Dr. phil. William of Brehmer.

Dr. v. Brehmer was born 1883 in Westphalia. 1909 it locked its study of pharmacy at the Humbold university in Berlin. In the connection it received a place as an auxiliary assistant and studied besides biology, physics, chemistry, bacteriology, geology, later still to human and veterinary medicine.

Starting from 1923 v. Brehmer was director/conductor of the pathological-anatomical-micro-biological laboratories in Berlin Dahlem. Here he dedicated himself to the research of virus illnesses with plants, animals and humans.

During the study of the muzzle and claw epidemic v. Brehmer became attentive to the high meaning of the pH of value in cultures and in body fluids of experimental animals. Up to this time pH measurements were well-known only in removed blood outside of an organism.

Dr. W. v. Brehmer recognized that the pH value changed after the contact of the blood with air and in-buffered themselves to a middle pH value.
Thus v. Brehmer developed a measuring instrument, with which it was for the first time possible to measure hydrogen ion the concentration within the Venen. The realizations here opened were crucial during its following cancer research. 

The discovery of Siphonospora polymorpha  

1928 had discovered a microbe from Brehmer in the blood of animal and humans, about what he reported for the first time in the magazine "progress of the medicine" 1931. By further studies it determined a connection between this microbe and the illness cancer.

Furthermore it discovered that with increasing age, particularly however in the process of malicious illnesses, the pH value of the blood rises and deviates from the normal age conditioned standard. Proportionally to it the microbes develop to their pathological stages.

1932 reported v. Brehmer concerning this into "progress of the medicine" under the provocative title "Krebs-Eine exciter craneness" . In the same year he requested the official examination of his research at the Prussian ministry of the Interior.

To a commission, whose leader was Professor Viktor Schilling, director of the IVTH medical university clinic in Berlin Mohabit and Haematologe recognized world-wide, the examination was passed on.

On the basis the Henle cook postulates it should be proven that the microorganism found by v. Brehmer is involved in the emergence cancer.

The Koch' postulates

With these postulates a questionable pathogen must fulfill the following demands:

The exciter must be able regular to be proven in the body fluids and/or eliminations of the infected organism microscopically.

The exciter must isolate itself from the organism and let in pure culture breed.

The same disease picture must be able to be produced with the pure culture again.

After a two-year examination phase the research results of v became. Brehmers confirms - a new blood parasite was discovered. Thus the " Siphonospora was polymorpha " as a second genuine blood parasite, which develops in the Erythrozyten - first was recognized the Plasmodium malariae (exciter of the malaria).

In a special edition (No. 34) of the magazine "v. Brehmer 1934 its work under the title" Siphonospora published the medical world "polymorpha n. frame, a new microorganism of the blood and its relationship with the tumor genesis" .
In the same booklet the confirmation of these work followed by Professor V. Schilling.

The Zyklogenie, thus the pleomorphistische cycle of the Siphonospora polymorpha is identical to that of the Mucor racemosus fresens after Enderlein.

Even Robert cook recognized the bacterial phases of these Zyklode, there it in the Ascites (belly water) cancer patient always Staebchenbakterien observed. It considered it however harmless, since the Anzuechtung did not succeed to it, so the information from the IVTH medical hospital, Berlin 1947. 

The pressure of the NSDAP on its research  

When admits the positive results of his work became, one suggested v. Brehmer, the NSDAP to step, which he rejected however. From the view of its research work - a consequence-fraught error.

Thus immediately a full-page report with the title appeared "Dr in the Voelki observer. v. Brehmer - discoverers of the cancer exciter!" . The publication of a cancer exciter and this of a Nichtmediziner was a heavy passing against the holy alliance of professional medical researchers, who had already for a long time put the exciter theory down. Thus the discoveries v. Brehmers were drawn into the dirt.

By the power of the party realm public health authorities Berlin published a niederschmetternde statement in daily papers. The research v. Brehmers was called "unscientifically", "fantastically" and "carelessly".

Of Brehmer required thereupon the repeated investigation of its realizations by realm public health authorities Berlin. This commission confirmed the instructions v. Brehmers for the disappointment of the NSDAP. Darauhin kept v. Brehmer however a publication prohibition imposed.

Had remained however not hidden for the association of German people medicine, v. Brehmer was confronted to which defense front. One made possible to continue v. Brehmer its research and furnished to him for this in the Theresien hospital Nuernberg Paracelsus institute its own patient department. 

The bases of its cancer therapy  

Its treatment of cancer patients in the Theresien hospital Nuernberg relied on the following foundations:

Regularization therapy of the acid cousin household, in order to extract from the microbe their habitat.

The pertinent nutrition (regular value nutrition) and simultaneous decontamination measures of the organism.

A treatment with one of it developed vaccine, which was won from the microbe.

After several disputes with the government the Paracelsus Institut was closed despite positive treatment successes 1937 "on instruction of the leader". From this v. Brehmer worked again in its old Institut in Berlin Dahlem.

After short time it acknowledged however its service, since it got a private laboratory made available, which was completely destroyed however by the consequences of the war by well-known industrial magnates such as Robert Bosch/Stuttgart, Hugo Stinnes/Muehlheim and consul Rosehus/Bremen. 

A short view  

Enderlein and v. Brehmer were not up to the today's day the none, this pleomorphistischen cycle in the blood observed. But they have together with most researchers somewhat - everyone thought from itself, it was first, which saw this microorganism.

Thus the Siphonospora already had polymorpha many names. Beginning with the Amoeba cachexia (Kachexie - Auszehrung with reduction of the body weight), or the name Onkomyxa , which is to refer to a onkologisches happening. After Enderlein it concerns here the Leptotrichia buccalis Robin .

For the Siphonospora polymorpha v. Br. and all nature-same blood parasites are started recent times. The Haug publishing house, one of the largest medical publishing houses, shifted 1996 a new standard work for the Pleomorphismus. In this 583 sides strong work with his 1475 illustrations request also its authors for the examination of the Pleomorphismus and the blood parasitism.

How much does time have to still offense, until these realizations are finally examined and recognized?

1960 were identified the Siphonospora polymorpha of several bakteriologischen institutes as "Corynebacterium parvum " and are assigned to the "Propioni group" as such.
Under this designation it leads the internationally obligatory standard listing of all micro organisms "Bergey's manual OF Systematic Bacteriology" recognized world-wide, Bd. 2, Williams & Willkins, Baltimore/London/Los Angeles/Sydney, also the EEC and all it health authorities belonging including the Federal Health Office are committed to which.

Perhaps the scientific training medicine of a daily succeeds in to take up the exciter theory again again and proving the connection of this microorganism with the cancer happening, in which in the last approximately 150 years over 200 outsiders of the medicine believed and to still believe.

Where always I can help with it, I will do this.


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