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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 7:54 am 
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Have you had a “Silent” heart attack?

How sure are you that you have not already had a “silent” heart attack? Your coronary disease patient has a 35% probability that they have already had a silent heart attack and until now probably no one knows it, as the EKG misses them. This is valuable information for you to fully appreciate if you hope to remain fully active and vigorous into your nineties. Today’s economic situation may make that a necessity.

I am very aware of this concept of silent heart disease since I observed the autopsy in my internship in Boston on a man who had never been sick and had never even missed a day of work. He died at age 80 and his heart showed 7 prior heart attacks. His attending physician for over 35 years was there and was astonished since the man walked the hills of Beacon Hill for 7 miles daily all those years!

This has tremendous implications for keeping you alive and your patients as well. New technology is finding these without waiting for the autopsy. This could motivate patients to take preventive action now by using natural products that I am convinced are largely preventing these silent MI’s.

I have my bias that by simply assuming that at the point of death there will be a cascade of events leading to a fatal clot. Since experts state that is the proximate cause of death in nearly 2 million people each year so by preventing the hypercoagulation that finally develops in patients by simply using Beyond Chelation-Improved with Boluoke taken bid on a preventive basis we can dramatically reduce this high mortality and morbidity. Read on to see the dramatic increase in deaths reported in patients who have suffered the loss of a part of their heart function, so not seeing it on the EKG they are not warned and nothing effective in my mind is done for these patients. Here is an excerpt from the attachment:

“They studied 185 patients with coronary artery disease but no record of heart attacks who were scheduled to have a test to look for possible blockages in their heart arteries.
They found that 35 percent of the patients had evidence of a prior heart attack. And they found that these so-called non-Q-wave heart attacks were three times more common than silent heart attacks with Q-waves”
Please read the rest of this link and follow the links. This information can help you move into a new age with advanced knowledge about cardiac function. The fact that you inform your patient that they have already had a heart attack can motivate your patients to take their need for continual daily protection very seriously. I of course have no use for Coumadin or Plavix and consider aspirin to be far too weak and poorly used in over 30% of patients anyway who are getting no benefit but think they are!
Nothing wakes up a patient more than to learn that they have already had a heart attack, particularly since their other doctors have failed to even recognize the potential! I believe that my solution is the answer but feel free to look elsewhere. Dr Sinatra and Dr Roberts in their book called “Reverse Heart Disease Now”, which is the updated version of the Sinatra Solution covers vital info on CoQ, Carnitine, Ribose, Magnesium, etc. That is useful metabolic cardiology.
I want lifetime lowering of lead levels since bones take 15 years to download and meantime continual heparin-like action from EDTA with the correct mucopolysaccarides and Omega 3 etc. I may take all this more seriously than most Doctors because I have had my heart issues for over 45 years and yet I continue to feel younger and more healthy each year, as I learn more. That means I am confident in the recommendations I make to my patients.
I have the knowledge and the ability to improve heart function in most patients even when they are already scheduled for heart transplant. Sinatra also finds he usually can cancel heart transplants with this comprehensive approach. I see the advantage of combining modern diagnostics like this test with the knowledge of knowing what to do to prevent more SILENT MI’s.
This way you can first analyze patients for the many obvious risk factors then inform your patients adequately regarding their potential solutions. Those who learn for the first time that they have already had a MI will tend to take this seriously and thus you may well save many lives.
I assure you none of us today are adequately dealing with coagulation related issues based on the well published findings of Dr Roger Bick MD PhD who founded the most advanced coagulation lab in the US in Dallas. Of course many of you understand my FIGHT concept and thus appreciate that inflammation is often tied to chronic infections that will always increase hypercoag states. I use ACS 200 every day (Advanced Cellular Silver) to try to lower the total body burden of some of these pathogens that are contributing to the hypercoagulation Dr Bick’s studies finds.
His studies found that 67% of patients dying of a MI harbor a coagulation blood protein or platelet defect leading to thrombosis. However, his full study of a patient could cost $6000. Those with these defects were supposed to go on expensive, inconvenient, often dangerous and even more often, not very effective medical therapy.
Once you become knowledgeable about coagulation issues, you can save the $6k knowing that 67% of the time you will find a new diagnosis that might be useful to inform that patient about, but I find that informed patients coming to us tend to want the safer alternatives, not the dangerous often experimental drugs that those diagnoses lead to. Try my Fight program to deal more with underlying issues.
This can help motivate patients however so that they take the need for daily blood clot prevention as seriously as they need to. So it is a trade-off but I am very convinced that thrombosis makes cholesterol appear almost inconsequential, but of course everyone makes money on the cholesterol story, and there is no big money in recommending things like Beyond Chelation-Improved with or without Boluoke and or Nattokinase and the new OBAMA health plan is not about to make these covered treatment.
Since you have an expensive education, we need to maintain all of your faculties in optimal condition. Silent heart attacks are not conducive to a long healthy vibrant life. Maybe start your daily protection plan today!

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute


"Silent" heart attacks more common than thought By Julie Steenhuysen Julie Steenhuysen Fri Apr 17, 3:21 pm ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A study using new imaging technology found "silent" heart attacks may be far more common, and more deadly, than suspected, U.S. researchers said Friday.
Some studies estimate that these often painless heart attacks, also known as unrecognized myocardial infarctions, affect 200,000 people in the United States each year.
But Dr. Han Kim of Duke University in North Carolina suspects the numbers may be far higher.
"No one has fully understood how often these heart attacks occur and what they mean, in terms of prognosis," Kim, whose study will appear next week in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Medicine, said in a statement.
Doctors usually can tell whether a patient has had a recent heart attack by looking for signature changes on a test of the heart's electrical activity called an electrocardiogram and by checking for certain enzymes in the blood.
For a heart attack that might have occurred in the past, doctors look for changes on an electrocardiogram called a Q-wave, a marker for damaged tissue.
But not all silent heart attacks result in Q-waves.
"Those are the ones we haven't been able to count because we've never had a good way to document them," Kim said.
To spot these, Kim and colleagues used a new type of magnetic resonance imaging technology called delayed enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance, which is especially adept at finding damaged heart tissue.
They studied 185 patients with coronary artery disease but no record of heart attacks who were scheduled to have a test to look for possible blockages in their heart arteries.
They found that 35 percent of the patients had evidence of a prior heart attack. And they found that these so-called non-Q-wave heart attacks were three times more common than silent heart attacks with Q-waves.
They also found that after two years of follow up, people who had suffered a silent, non-Q-wave heart attack had an 11-fold higher risk of death from any cause and a 17-fold higher risk of death due to heart problems, when compared to patients who did not have any heart damage.
Kim said currently people who have had silent heart attacks are treated like other patients with heart disease.
But given the findings, he said new studies should look at the best way to care for these patients.
Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States, followed by cancer and stroke.

The article can be found at


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