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PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:42 am 
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What is Magnesium Orotate?

A quiet and unassuming mineral, magnesium — one of the least talked about nutrients — holds vital importance for human health. A catalyst in the bod, over 300 enzymatic reactions rely on magnesium to happen. Magnesium can relax the muscles and some claim it helps with symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome. Orotate, a type of magnesium salt from orotic acid, is common in many mineral supplements. Its function is the same as other types of magnesium, and research shows that it holds specific benefits for the heart.


What is Magnesium Orotate?

Magnesium orotate is magnesium salt bound to orotic acid. It’s the most easily absorbable form of magnesium and passes easily through the cells in your body, especially when compared with other types of magnesium. If you need magnesium supplementation, as most people do because the Standard American Diet often lacks foods high in magnesium, magnesium orotate is the best you can get..

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.

3 Benefits of Magnesium Orotate

Having a nutrient that can easily pass into the cell and be utilized efficiently is incredibly helpful, especially for those that currently suffer from a nutrient deficiency. Magnesium orotate holds numerous benefits, including cardiovascular health and gastrointestinal support.

1. Supports Cardiovascular Health

Studies show that orotic acid salts, magnesium salts to be specific, supports the heart. [1] One study also showed that magnesium orotate may be beneficial to those who have suffered from heart failure. [2]

2. Boosts Stamina and Endurance

Animal and human research has shown that magnesium orotate may be effective for increasing endurance and exercise tolerance. [3] These effects were especially noted in patients who previously suffered from cardiovascular issues. Trained athletes have also shown endurance-supportive effects following magnesium orotate supplementation.

3. Provides GI Support

One study focused on children suffering from constipation found that magnesium orotate was effective for relieving symptoms. [4] This doesn’t come as any surprise to most physicians, as magnesium is known to be a natural laxative The benefits of magnesium orotate on other gastrointestinal conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome, have yet to be determined. Future research is needed to determine its role in the support of the GI system.

IntraCal™ contains both calcium orotate and magnesium orotate to help support healthy bones, teeth, the nervous system, and even cardiovascular health.

Supplementing With Magnesium Orotate

Magnesium plays an important role in so many of the body’s processes, it is important that you know where you stand when it comes to getting enough of this mineral on a daily basis. If you are not getting enough, find a high-quality supplement, particularly one that is combined with calcium orotate These two nutrients work together synergistically to benefit the entire body.

Is magnesium orotate part of your nutrient intake? What benefits have you noticed? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


1. Rosenfeldt FL. Metabolic supplementaion with orotic acid and magnesium orotate Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy. 1998 September;12 Suppl 2:147-52.

2. Stepura OB, Martynow Al. Magnesium orotate in severe congestive heart failure (MACH) International Journal of Cardiology. 2009 May 1;134(1):145-7.

3. Geiss KR, Stergiou N, Jester, Neuenfeld HU, Jester HG. Effects of magnesium orotate on exercise tolerance in patients with coronary heart disease Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy. 1998 September;12 Suppl 2:153-6.

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IntraCal™ contains both calcium orotate and magnesium orotate to help support healthy bones, teeth, the nervous system, and even cardiovascular health.

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DrEddyClinic Davao City

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:40 am 
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