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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:27 am 

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Terrible human being lies about having cancer to raise money just like the terrible cancer industry profits off false diagnoses
by: Harold Shaw
charity scams, Tracy Dart, cancer industry

Almost every major disease affecting our population was survived by some people who now advocate to help others overcome it. Most of the times, these people are trying to use their experience to warn the public about the inherent dangers of a particular practice, e.g. unprotected sexual contact with strangers, or diet habits that can lead to life-changing diseases if continued for a long time.


The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2016 roughly 1.6 million Americans will develop cancer. More than a third of them are expected to die because of their condition. For the people who actually suffer, the voices of other survivors represent a ray of hope, proof that there's still a fighting chance. What do you think would happen if these voices were lying, as part of a big scam

A spokesperson who went too far

For over 10 years, West Seattle inhabitant Tracy Dart advocated, rallied and raised money for the renowned Susan G. Komen Even though her social media pages still describe her as a "3x breast cancer survivor," Tracy is now accused of lying about her disease. It's not something a few medical tests won't disprove. However, as soon as the claims went public, Tracy's family hired an attorney.

Many public voices felt that there was something wrong with her case even before she was accused. Her appearance, for one, was never in tone with what a cancer patient actually looks like. Nonetheless, Tracy was an invaluable morale booster to women facing this condition, as well as a heavy lifter in terms of capital.

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According to the Komen foundation, Tracy never actually benefited from the money she helped raise. All the proceedings were allocated as intended, going toward "research and community health problems," according to a report by KING 5 News. On the other hand, three years ago she claimed that the foundation provided her with advanced screenings and drugs.

She contributed to raising $400,000

Instead of promoting cancer prevention and ways to keep the disease at bay, the government wastes billions on chemotherapy for patients who don't even have malignant cancer, potentially killing healthy people with radiation for a disease they might not even have or ever develop. Tracy thought that she could take advantage of this trend and went to extreme lengths to lie and convince people about the cancer threat.

During her time advocating for breast cancer research, screenings and drugs, Tracy Dart helped raise over $400,000, nearly 10% of which was entirely to her benefit. What really happened with all of this money cannot be known. However, it is certain is that in 2011, a charity event dedicated entirely to Tracy saw $7,000 headed straight for her own pocket, for "living expenses and treatment".

Tracy's lie was exposed once a member of "Team Tracy" contacted a car dealer from Washington and confessed the whole thing. The owner of the car dealership, Matthew Welch, felt betrayed and disappointed by this, as he too helped with Tracy's endeavor to raise money. Nonetheless, he put his anger away and stated that: "She doesn't have cancer — she never had cancer. I would say [Dart] needs help and I hope she gets it."

More than legal consequences

In her so-called battle with cancer, Tracy Dart became a well-known local figure and advocate for the cause, having inspired thousands of women who were actually in hospitals and treatment facilities. She was also a big part of Komen's fundraising, rallying businesses, groups and entire communities to donate money. But she did all of this by lying.

While extorting money from innocent citizens may be Tracy's legal charge, she must also face a moral, heavier accusation that no amount of time or money can pay for. The difficulties faced by cancer patients are unimaginable to a healthy individual. By pretending to suffer from cancer and telling the world about something she had never experienced, Tracy chipped at the already dwindling motivation of real cancer patients. What's worse, it casts a shroud of doubt over their legitimate cases.

Sources include:


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Detoxadine® is a premium-quality, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that helps support thyroid health, the immune system, and more

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