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Temporomandibular joint disorders - (TMJ)
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Temporomandibular joint disorders - (TMJ)

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Coping skills

Because stress can contribute to temporomandibular disorders, finding a way to relax and to relieve stress may reduce your clenching and grinding, and may help reduce jaw joint pain.

There are many ways to relax, so select a method that works best for you. Relaxation techniques include:

  • Deep breathing. Unlike children, most adults breathe with their chests. Each time you breathe in, your chest expands, and each time you breathe out, it contracts. Children generally breathe from their diaphragms, the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen. Deep breathing with your diaphragm, a technique that you can relearn, can be relaxing. To practice deep breathing, sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Breathe in through your nose, and allow your abdomen to expand as you breathe in. Pause for a second, and then exhale through your mouth, gently pushing in your abdomen with your hand.

  • Progressive muscle relaxation. This involves relaxing a series of muscles one at a time. First increase the tension level in a group of muscles, such as a leg or an arm, by tightening the muscles and then relaxing them. Then move on to the next muscle group. It may also help to apply warm, moist heat.

  • Guided imagery. Also known as visualization, this method of relaxation involves lying quietly and picturing yourself in a pleasant and peaceful setting. You experience the setting with all of your senses, as if you were actually there. For instance, imagine lying on the beach. Picture the beautiful blue sky, smell the salt water, hear the sounds of the waves, and feel the warm breeze on your skin. The messages your brain receives as you experience these senses help you to relax.

  • Meditation. Meditation is a way to calm your mind and body. During meditation you sit quietly and focus on nothing or on a mantra — a simple sound repeated over and over. This causes you to enter a deeply restful state that reduces your body's stress response. Your breathing slows, your muscles relax, and your brain wave activity indicates a state of relaxation.

  • Music, dance and art therapy. These therapies can reduce stress and anxiety and promote self-confidence and well-being. Like other forms of relaxation, graceful dance, art expression, and performing or listening to music help reduce pain by relieving muscle tension and slowing your breathing.

  • Yoga. Yoga incorporates proper breathing, movement and posture. It involves completing a series of postures, during which you pay special attention to your breathing — inhaling during certain movements and exhaling with others.

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