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Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile dysfunction (ED)

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Erectile dysfunction affects the lives million men's and their partners. The term erectile dysfunction covers a range of disorders, including

  • curvature of the penis during erection (Peyronie's disease),
  • prolonged painful erection not associated with sexual desire (priapism) and
  • premature ejaculation. But usually it refers to the inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity.

There is no reason why sexual activity has to decrease in later years

There is no reason why sexual activity has to decrease in later years, though for most people, it usually does become less frequent. The changes that come with age still allow sexual function; realistically, however, it is not the same as it is in a young person. Women have lower hormone levels later in life unless they go on hormone replacement, but they can still maintain sexual vitality and drive, with or without hormones. Men usually have less decrease or a less distinct cutoff in hormone levels, which are more necessary for their sexual function. As long as there is good circulation and cardiovascular health, both sexes can maintain a good sex life. Obesity, poor diet, mental and emotional stress, and cardiovascular disease are some common conditions that can interfere with sexual vitality. 

The Chinese have a concept about the frequency of ejaculation and orgasm for men and women that is described in the fascinating book The Tao of Sex and Loving by Jolan Chang. According to this theory, men are meant to have frequent erections, lots of sex, and only rare orgasms. 

Regular ejaculations drain the kidney/adrenal chi (energy) and possibly lead to fatigue, decreased vitality, or lower back weakness in men. When the adrenals are weakened, there is also lower ability to handle stress. Men can learn to have more complete orgasms without ejaculation with special techniques described in the book. Women are meant to have as many orgasms as they wish, which are energizing to them. And if the man is not releasing all the time, he will have more sexual vitality to satisfy his partner. Sound intriguing? 

Many other factors seem to affect sexual desire and performance. Alcohol, nicotine, coffee, marijuana, and sugar are some of the pleasure drugs that may reduce sexual vitality, as can many pharmaceuticals, such as tranquilizers, antihypertensives, particularly beta-blockers, and birth control pills or hormones. 

Other factors that may influence sexuality include genetics, childhood upbringing, personal attitudes, and basic hormone levels. For example, men with higher testosterone levels and better adrenal function usually will have more sex drive. 

As mentioned earlier, stress levels also can interfere directly with sexual function and drive. Often, underlying worries about money, job, and so on take our minds off sex. A recent study revealed that men who received raises or promotions at work increased their sexual frequency; the reverse happened to those who were demoted or whose pay was decreased. (For more understanding of stress aspects, see the Anti-Stress program. Further discussion of sexuality is found in the programs for Adult Men, Adult Women, and The Elderly.) 

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