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24 / 02 / 2018
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Bruxism - (tooth-grinding or teeth-clenching)



Bruxism is a sleep disorder characterized by gnashing or clenching of the teeth during sleep. Bruxism is grinding, gnashing or clenching your teeth during sleep or situations that make you feel anxious or tense. Bruxism most often occurs in the early part of the night and can disturb sleep partners. Some people brux so loudly that they can't duplicate the sound while awake or relaxed. Others make no sound while bruxing and often deny having the condition once tooth or jaw damage is discovered.

Bruxism can be mild and occasional or frequent and violent. Some people with bruxism clench their teeth regularly. Others go days or weeks without doing so.

The condition is the third most common form of sleep disorder, after sleep talking and snoring. Research indicates that people who brux are more likely to snore, have pauses in breathing during sleep and develop sleep apnea.

It's difficult to estimate how many people suffer from bruxism, because this figure often relies on self-reporting.

Treatments can help reduce pain caused by bruxism and prevent further damage to your teeth. Specific treatments depend on the underlying cause of your bruxism.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of bruxism may include:

  • Severe or loud teeth grinding or clenching that occurs during sleep or while awake during times of anxiety or stress

  • Tips of teeth that are worn down, flattened or chipped

  • Worn tooth enamel, exposing the inside of your tooth

  • Increased tooth sensitivity

  • Jaw clenching or muscle contractions

  • Jaw pain or tightness in your jaw muscles

  • Popping, clicking or locking of your jaw joint

  • Earache, due to violent jaw muscle contractions, not the ear itself

  • Dull morning headache

  • Chronic facial pain

  • Chewed tissue on the inside of the cheek in your mouth


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