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23 / 03 / 2018
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Respiratory System

Bronchitis is a condition which is clinically defined as a chronic cough with mucus production most months of the year. The mucus secretions and inflammation in the bronchi tend to narrow the airways and provide an obstacle to airflow, thus increasing the resistance of the airways. In this manner bronchitis may cause obstructive pulmonary symptoms.

If these symptoms sound familiar, you might have acute bronchitis, a condition that occurs when the inner walls that line the main air passageways of your lungs (bronchial tubes) become inflamed. Bronchitis often follows a respiratory infection such as a cold. And just as most people get occasional colds, virtually everyone has bronchitis at least once.

Most cases of acute bronchitis disappear within a few days without lasting effects, although coughs may linger three weeks or more. But if you have repeated bouts of bronchitis, see your doctor. You may have a more serious health problem, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema - a disease that causes progressive lung damage. You're much more likely to develop these conditions if you smoke.

Signs and symptoms

A cough that brings up yellowish-gray or green mucus (sputum) is one of the main signs of bronchitis. Mucus itself isn't abnormal — your airways produce at least an ounce of normal secretions every day. But these secretions usually don't accumulate because they're continuously cleared into your throat and swallowed with your saliva. When your bronchial tubes are inflamed, however, they often produce large amounts of discolored mucus that comes up when you cough. Mucus that isn't white or clear usually means there's a secondary infection.

Still, these signs can be deceptive. You don't always produce sputum when you have bronchitis, and children often swallow coughed-up material, so parents may not know it's infected.

Other signs and symptoms of bronchitis may include:

  • Soreness and a feeling of constriction or burning in your chest

  • Breathlessness

  • Wheezing

  • Chills

  • Overall malaise and slight fever

Sometimes chronic sinusitis — an ongoing infection in the lining of one or more of the cavities in the bone around your nose — can mimic bronchitis. That's because the signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis include a thick, yellow or green discharge and a chronic cough that's triggered when you try to clear your throat of mucus draining from your sinuses.

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