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The isopathic therapy form Microscopic blood dark field investigation after Professor Dr. G. Enderlein (1872-1968)
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Hans's Peter Wiessner

writes "

The isopathic therapy form Microscopic blood dark field investigation after Professor Dr. G. Enderlein (1872-1968)


For millions of years colloids of the mushroom trunks Mucor live racemosus Fresen and Aspergillus the Niger van Tieghem, who live as Endobiont in symbiosis with humans and mammals. Under adverse circumstances they can form transitions to higher forms, which lead to humoralpathologischen changes and thus to diseases.

After Enderleins research results Fresen all illnesses can develop from the Zyklode of the Mucor racemosus, whose degenerated proteins a direct influence on the blood exercise. These pathogenen forms arranged Enderlein for example impact accumulations, cardiac infarct, disturbances of the blood clotting, Vein disease, hearing fall, as well as rheumatism forms, Thrombocytopenia, cervical syndrome and Osteomyoscleroses determined too.

Enderlein recognized, which results the formation of Blood clots from sticking together red blood corpuscles. In a cascade of the Pathogen development a Filit (threads) develops, again able is further threads to be formed from a Symprotit (in the darkfield visibly as bright protein ball). These can be connected to a net, which includes the blood corpuscles which a thickening of the blood and thus a Thrombose building as well as a less blood circulation of the fabric and the organs to the consequence has.

The  mushroom zyklode of the Aspergillus the Niger develops from the Oit phase of the Mucor racemosus. This Cyklode illnesses of the skeleton system assigned AIDS such as Arthrose, Arthritis, Polyarthritis, lime washing off change disturbances, certain rheumatism forms, lung illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonias, Krupp cough, Tuberculosis, well and malicious tumors, thyroid dysfunction, and.

As the further Zykloden is the Penicillium notatum, as well as the Candida albicans to calling, those for example with charge, Sinusitis, inflammations, determined rheumatism forms, Osteomyelitis and different stove illnesses accompanying. This mushroom parasite goes through all stages of its development in the body and can fabrics and organs more or less strongly strike.

In its smallest development form, the Protites (a protein in colloid form, which includes neither nucleic acid derivatives nor Lipoide or binds around itself) its size amounts to 1/100 000 - 1/1000 000 mm. As Protit the Endobiont is indispensably there fulfilled in the Symbioti equilibrium of the body it important regulations tasks.
Which is it however, which makes the primitive stages from protein to parasites that her itself against the cells of their landlord organism - which people turns.

Professor Dr. Enderlein says:

"as soon as the equilibrium of blood serum between mineral salts (Base, alkalis) and acids longer time is disturbed by wrong, no biologic nutrition toward the sour side, sets an endless reproduction of these Endobionten and at the same time the ascent of these to parasites transformed Urkluempchen into the large development series of the parasites. The more highly the Endobiont in its development series rises, the more increases its injurious character and the more largely is the disturbance of the acid Base of equilibrium, thus in a mutually increasing changing relations."

Different causes - infections, wrong nutrition, nature-adverse environmental conditions, mental depressions, age features, stress etc. can bring the primitive forms into higher stages, whereby they become parasitic. The infestation by the parasitic phase can be determined in the blood by means of dark field microscopy. Afterwards the valence of the parasite can be determined. Professor Dr. Enderlein succeeded it to document the transformation of the parasite and develop isopathic medicaments.

Isopathie > the arisen different higher development forms, are led back into low phases, which over the elimination organs intestine, kidneys, lung, bronchi, skin, which bodies leave.

The progressive degenerative development can lead the Enderlein to different symptoms as the "complex of the Endobiosis" designated. All these illness forms against-placed always the largest difficulties to the medical art and resistances.

In addition belong among other things: chronic illnesses, container wall changes, pathological coagulating procedures, Gelosen, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Spondylose, Tonsillitis, diabetes, Lymphogranulomatose, charge, Tumors of all kinds (also good-like as well as their preliminary states), anemia, leukemia, bronchitis, Cerebral sclerosis, paralyses, allergies etc..

The Endobiont ensures in the higher valence form the mushroom, after death to change over for the conversion of the body to dust around thereafter again into the lower valence form of the simple Protites. Now they can be taken up over the drinking water and be occurred in the life cycle of humans and the mammals.

In the Protit form is almost indestructible the Endobiont, which the attempts of the researchers Rusch and Santo confirm, bred the pork meat with 1300░C burned one and afterwards with the ash on a nutritive solution again the original bacteria.

Likewise in a Mammoth cadaver, which was found in the arctic and an age of approx. 50,000 years exhibits, Mucor germs was found, which exhibited lives in the changed climacteric conditions after the salvage again. Mucor germs could be likewise isolated in oil as well as in coal, which a clear reference represents on its millions of years old existence.


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