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Unhealthy diet

Ayurvedic Medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


There are four types of unhealthy diet:

One should not practice these types, as they cause varied disorders in the body.

  • Samshana -Mixing of healthy and unhealthy foods together is Samshana.
  • Adhyashana - Over eating i.e. intake of food before the previous meal has been digested is called adhyashana.
  • Amatrashana - When food is taken in either larger proportions or totally lesser proportions is called amatrashana. 

Vishmashana -Taking food too early or too late than the scheduled time is called vishmashan. 

Food items that should not be used or consumed are

  • Persons should not eat aukula (unripe corns present in the ears, fried or burnt over fire), abhyosa (unripe barley fried or burnt over fire), prthuka (parboiled paddy fried and flattened) and eatables prepared with rice flour after meals; but if very much tempted or desired he can take very little of it.  
  • Foods that are prepared from vegetables or grains of worst quality, 
  • Foods having predominance of pungent, sour, astringent and salty taste,  
  • Eating foods of only one taste only, 
  • Foods which are hard to digest and which are dry should be avoided. 
  • All those that are mentioned as the causes in disease i.e. those, which bring about an increase of all the doshas, 
  • Foods that are atyabhisyandi (cause severe obstruction of tissue pores by more fluid secretion) and those which lead to constipation, 
  • Which cause burning sensation during digestion, those not easily digestible, those causing dryness inside, should not be eaten.

Kilata (milk), dadhikurcika (buttermilk), fish, dry or uncooked radish, alkaline foods, flours, germinated grains should not be used as food is sometimes written in some ayurvedic books.


This contradicts the concept it self and shows how differential are the conclusions of Ayurvedic diet been made. The problem is the generalizing. We have plenty information's about the prakruti and doshas, and this show how individual this concept is. For some it's will be good for some it's will be not good.

The Difference from the point of Integrated Medicine is, that's is appreciates some of this concepts and find out what is right, what works and in the end of the day what is the best for the patient.

Alkaline food is helpful for many of us, which we discuss in detail in our Live Blood Analysis.

Further it is a basic that each blood type can or can't different digest food.

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