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Liquids (Anupana) 

Ayurvedic Medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


Anupana means juices or liquids taken after meals. Liquids that possess the properties opposite to that of the food consumed and that, which does not cause any harm to the person, is the ideal after drink. 

Anupana helps in 

  • toning and invigorating the body,
  • giving a feeling of contentment,
  • making the food move downwards easily,
  • breaking the hard materials of the food, making them soft and moistening them,
  • easy digestion and distribution.

Substances that can be taken as anupana

  • Water is best as it is the chief source for all tastes. Hot water should be taken after consuming foods prepared from corn flour and such other ingredients that are hard to digest.
  • Milk is best after eating rice that has matured in sixty days; for those who are debilitated due to fasting, long walks, excessive speaking, sexual intercourse and excessive exercise, and also for children and the aged.
  • Meat soup is best for those who have emaciated due to less consumption of food or other diseases.
  • Sour syrups for those who are suffering from disorders of vata.
  • Sugar added in water is good for those who are suffering from disorders of pitta.
  • Water boiled with Triphala mixed with honey is good for curing diseases of kapha and of the eyes and throat.
  • Mastu (curd water / whey) or cold water is best after consuming, dahi (curds), kuchika (milk and buttermilk heated together in an earthen pot turns into a semisolid form) and kilata (thickened milk).
  • Dhanyamla (sour gruel of cereals), mastu (curd water / whey) or takra (buttermilk) are ideal after eating foods prepared with pulses, vegetables and coarse grains.
  • Madya (wines) are good after consuming meat or the syrups of sour fruits, water or fermented drinks; prepared in cold processing will be ideal, depending upon the qualities. Madhvasava (wine prepared from honey) is very good after consuming meat of domesticated animals. 


Anupana should be avoided by those who are suffering from

  • diseases on the parts above the shoulders,
  • dyspnea, cough, excess salivation, hiccup, hoarseness of voice etc.
  • injury to the chest and
  • those who are of talkative nature or who practice singing,

If these people have an after-drink, it disturbs their stomach, results in congestion of the chest and increases the moisture of the food in the throat causing watery discharge from the tissues.

Myrrh May Fight Cholesterol

Maybe the 3 Wise Men Were Onto Something

The extract from a tree in the fabled myrrh family is being investigated by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine for properties that may lower cholesterol.

Dr. Philippe Szapary, assistant professor of Medicine at the University, is in the midst of a study of the dietary supplement gugulipid, an extract from the gummy resin of the thorny mukul myrrh bush of western India that has recently made its way into American health-food stores.

  • In the Christian tradition, a form of sweet-scented myrrh was presented by the three wise men to the infant Jesus.
  • Mukul myrrh, specifically, has a 2,000-year history in traditional Indian medicine. Ayurvedic health practitioners, use the resin extract in treating atherosclerosis, obesity, and arthritis.
  • In the 1960s and '70s, scientists were able to identify two properties of the myrrh extract, which, combined, they named gugulipid - that appeared to aid in lowering cholesterol.

"This is something that's been around for thousands of years, and when some scientists looked into it, they actually found a scientific basis for its effectiveness," said Dr. Szapary.

His work has been recognized by the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), which recently awarded him a five-year research grant of about $150,000 for each year.

His work currently underway with gugulipid, is designed to assess the drug through a simple, randomized study using 90 subjects. Participants are divided into three groups; the first is administered a placebo, the second a standard dosage of gugulipid, and the third a higher dosage of the supplement. Each participant remains on the regimen for two months while blood tests indicate its effectiveness.

A portion of the funding for the study is coming from the Sabinsa Corp., a manufacturer of gugulipid, to which Dr. Szapary says he has no financial interest in.

NewsRx.com - November 3, 2000

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