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Dietary  Rules

Ayurvedic Medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


In the ancient days, the qualities of each and every food preparation and their effect on the tissues of healthy as well as diseased individuals of various constitutions were studied in detail. Hence we find references of dietary factors as etiological factors, which trigger off, subdue, as well as aggravate many disease processes.
In almost all diseases Ayurveda has advised the avoidance of certain food items, which have a tendency to aggravate the disease and consumption of certain food items that have a beneficial effect on the recovery from the disease.

Intake of food very slowly leads to increase in consumption. Food also becomes cold and hence tends to act like poison, in the process it does not get easily digested.

Food also should not be consumed hurriedly accompanied by excessive talking, laughter and the person should not engage mind on other things while eating, as all these leads to the food passing into the wrong passage thereby delaying the digestion process. The food in turn does not stay in the alimentary tract for the required time and the person is denied of the experience of good or bad qualities of food.

Thus diet is important for maintenance of health. However, if one does not use his discretion regarding selection of food in relation to place, time, constitution etc. as given below, the same diet can give rise to disease by vitiating the doshas.

  • Diet and Place: Eating hot and pungent food in continental climate or eating fatty and cold food items in maritime climate would increase pitta and kapha doshas respectively. 
  • Diet and Season: Eating hot and pungent food in summer or cold food in winter would increase pitta and kapha doshas respectively. 
  • Quantity and Quality: Eating heavy food items in excess or too less quantity of food of light items would increase kapha and vata doshas respectively. 
  • New Tastes: Eating food to which one is not habituated would also cause sudden imbalance of doshas.
  • Constitution and diet: If a person with vata constitution eats dry food, person with pitta constitution eats hot and pungent food and person with kapha constitution eats fatty and sweet food, in excess; it would result in increase of the same dosha in the body. 
  • Diet and digestive power: If a person with weak digestive power eats heavy food items, it leads to formation of ama (impaired functioning of body heat). 
  • Diet and srotorodha (obstruction of the body channels): Diet, which increases doshas and simultaneously damage tissues, leads to obstruction of the body channels. 
  • Dietetic incompatibilities: Like for e.g. eating a combination of milk and fish will result in increased amount of doshas in the body. 
  • Eating raw food items in excess: Raw food items, which are difficult to digest such as green leafy vegetables, would increase vata dosha in the body. 
  • Psychological incompatibility: One should not eat food items, which one does not like. 
  • Stale food: One should not eat fermented and putrefied food or food which is not freshly prepared.
  • Time: Eating food at irregular hours or eating food when not hungry makes a person prone to disease.

If the diet is consumed taking into consideration the above factors, one can lead a healthy and disease-free life.

More Proof Good Fats Help You Drop Weight

For those who think a low-fat diet is the best way to lose weight ... think again. That's because the "old" fat stored in the body's peripheral tissues -- belly, backside and thighs -- can't be burned efficiently unless "new" fat is eaten or generated in the liver, according to researchers.

A team developed mice that were genetically engineered to be absent of an important fat-synthesizing enzyme in the liver. Consequently, the mice were unable to produce new fatty acids in the liver, which presented a problem for the mice, as liver fatty acids are vital for maintaining normal metabolism for:

  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Cholesterol

Moreover, when the mice were placed on a no-fat diet, they developed fatty liver disease (their livers filled quickly with fat) and suffered from low sugar levels; and because their livers were unable to burn the old fat, extra pounds were accumulated.

The Liver Needs "New" Fat

Based on their findings, researchers found that in order to regulate fat burning the liver must receive "new" fat -- the fat that is consumed in food or freshly made in the liver as glucose is converted to fat by fatty acid synthase. Researchers also saw the effect of added dietary fat could be duplicated when the mice were treated with a drug that activated the PPAR-alpha found in all mammals and central to metabolic processes that extract energy from dietary components like carbohydrates and fats.

Thus, those who strive to lose fat stored in the peripheral tissues may find promise in consuming small amounts of dietary fats that could effectively activate PPAR-alpha and fat burning pathways through the liver.

Cell Metabolism May 2005;1(5):Pages 309-322

Science Blog May 9, 2005

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