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Alkaline Diet

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Frequently Asked Questions

The world's oxygen supply is approaching dangerous levels. It is estimated that we have just 50 percent of the available oxygen our ancestors had centuries ago. The optimal percentage of oxygen in the air we breathe is 30 percent. The oxygen levels in some industrial areas today are now as low as 12 percent. Life cannot sustain itself at levels below 7 percent!

In addition to environmental factors depleting the oxygen from the earth's atmosphere, modern life is also increasing our need for oxygen. Processed foods containing significant levels of toxins and synthetic chemicals require high levels of oxygen in order to metabolize (ferment) them out of our systems. In addition, poorly ventilated work environments, lack of exercise, improper rest and a significant increase in daily stress are all oxygen depleting.

As pollution, environmental neglect, dietary deficiencies, anxiety and stress increase, the need for oxygen is becoming critical.

Because of the body's need for oxygen, a quality and consistent source of oxygen is fundamental to obtaining optimal health. Our lungs, our kidneys, our brain and our skin all need oxygen in order to stay healthy. In fact 40% of our oxygen needs are used in the brain, kidneys and heart.

In 1952, Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in science for his discovery of the cause of cancer. That's right the cause of cancer over 50 years ago. His research showed that cancer was a decrease in oxygen at the cellular level that changed the cellular metabolism from respiration to fermentation. Cancer was and is a disease of fermentation -- rotting cells from the inside out because of lack cellular oxygen.

Because of the need for increased cellular oxygen for maintaining the integrity of the cell and its function, I decided to create four new incredible nascent oxygen products:

1) Bio2gen for general use in ALL symptomologies.

2) Bio2gen Spray for all external symptomologies, especially for skin, hair (male pattern baldness) and eyes.

3) Aqua O2 with MSM for internal and external uses relating to muscle soreness, pain and inflammation.

4) And finally Aqua O2 with Selenium for support of the huge demands for oxygen in the brain, kidneys and heart.

The Bio2gen products are the highest concentrate of stabilized nascent oxygen available today. They are all natural dietary supplements designed to play a central role in the body's day-to-day nascent oxygen and foundational elemental needs.

The chemical components in the Bio2gen and Aqua O2 products are deionized water, ionic sodium, two atoms of nascent oxygen and ionic chlorite pH balanced at 11.5. If I were to draw you a picture of the molecule structure of Bio2gen and/or Aqua O2 products they would look just like our good friend Mickey Mouse. (See attachment) Mickey's ears would represent the two atoms of nascent oxygen, his face represents the chlorite ion, his body is represented by the sodium ion and the MSM or selenium are his feet.

So what is nascent oxygen? Nascent oxygen is singlet oxygen or O1. Singlet oxygen is exactly what the body needs in order to neutralize toxic acids (gastrointestinal, respiratory and metabolic acids) and bind with other elements like ionic sodium to biologically transmutate to Potassium which helps maintain the delicate balance of the blood pH at 7.365. When nascent oxygen combines with silica it biologically transmutates to calcium. I hope you can see, that the nascent oxygen found in the Bio2gen and Aqua O2 products are foundational for building many of the elements we need to sustain life. And don't forget that ionic chlorite is a wonderful chelator of acids with its extra electron! (Acids carry an extra proton so there is an electro/magnetic attraction with the chlorite ion)

Here are just a few of the benefits of Bio2gen, Bio2gen Spray, Aqua O2 with MSM and Aqua O2 with Selenium:

1) Increases energy levels by providing critical nascent oxygen.
2) Disorganizes bacteria, yeast's and molds by providing an oxygen rich environment.
3) Supports the immune system.
4) Heightens concentration by providing nascent oxygen and ionic selenium to the brain, heart and kidneys as found in the Aqua O2 with Selenium.
5) Relieves pain, soreness and cramps by providing acid chelators such as ionic chlorite and MSM found in the Aqua O2 with MSM.
6) Accelerates healing by providing foundational elements such as chlorite and MSM which can biological transmutate to elements found in DNA.
7) Enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other important nutrients by keeping the intestinal villus clean and alkaline.
8) Accelerates fatigue recovery by providing elements like chlorite and MSM to neutralize cancer acids like lactic acid created during physical activity, fermentation of glucose and cellular degeneration.
9) Improves circulation by maintaining a balanced pH of 7.365.
10) Improves concentration and memory by reducing acidity.
11) Restores elasticity and permeability to cell membranes in all body tissues.
12) Allows oxygen and nutrients into the cells because of its electrical charge.
13) Bio2gen spray provides key factors for collagen and elastin formation.
14) Bio2gen spray is essential for healthy skin cell maintenance and rejuvenation.
15) Bio2gen spray balances skin pH therefore excellent for fever blisters, sores, cuts, scrapes, blemishes, acne, rashes, etc.
16) Bio2gen spray is an excellent environmental detoxifying agent and can be used to clean the skin or remove toxic residues on your vegetables and fruits.

These are just a few of the many benefits of these incredible oxygen products. In addition here are a few of the scientists who have researched and commented on the efficacy of the InnerLight oxygen products.

The University at UCD, School of Physiological Sciences

"These oxygen products work primarily on the basis of oxidation, apparently being able to supply stimulus to the organism's own physiological response as well as offering additional oxidative capacity at the cellular level. Where utilized in vivo, it combines with the natural bodily functions and immune system to become an effective medication with virtually no toxic or side-effects."

S. Anderson Peoples, M.D.
Professor of Pharmacology

Anne Arbor Science Publishers

"These oxygen products have been proven active toward all viruses examines: Coxsacke B#, Echo &, Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Newcastle disease virus, Phage OX 174, Sendia virus, Vaccinia Virus and Polio A, B, and C."

W.J. Masschelin

University of Miami Studies, Department of Chemistry

"As an expert in the field of chlorine dioxide chemistry and the reactions of chlorine containing oxidizing agents, it is very clear that these oxygen products have many potential advantages over other products currently existing in the marketplace. Specific applications to the treating of disease and dietary problems in the animal world and for humans should prove to be most beneficial to mankind and profitable to those involved."

Professor and Chair Gilbert Gordon

As we continue our quest for incredible outstanding health and energy may we always remember the whole system of nature is maintained by a constant balance of a few elements and those key elements can be found in the new proprietary InnerLight Bio2gen and Aqua O2 products.

The key then to good health is all about balance and this balance can be achieved through the new Bio2gen and Aqua O2 product line sold exclusively by InnerLight distributors!

I hope this letter brings you better clarity and certainty of the incredible InnerLight Bio2gen, Bio2gen Spray, Aqua O2 with MSM and Aqua O2 with Selenium products and motivates you to begin using these products today. And also, don't forget to share these products with all those you love and care about.

In love and InnerLight,

Dr. Robert O. Young

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