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Ayurvedic Medicine




Latin -- Asphaltum puniabiunum
Sanskrit -- Shilajit
Hindi -- Shilajita
English -- Mineral Pitch

Parts Used:

The exudation of certain rocks in the Himalayas and other places of India.

Traditional Ayurvedic Uses:

Shilajit is a powerful source of all the minerals and trace minerals needed by the human body. It is more expensive than herbs, and takes over a month to process correctly for maximum health benefits. The white variety is considered most beneficial, but it is more rare and costly. It is purified by the sun and arid climate until it contains no living organisms. Its source is still a mystery, although it has been used for thousands of years. The mud is collected and further purified, then used as a mineral supplement.

Shilajit supports all 13 metabolic processes (Agnis) which create all 7 categories of bodily tissues (Dhatus).

Combinations are Best

The experts at Ayurveda do not recommend the use of single herbs for self-care due to several important reasons:

  1. Single herbs often have unwanted effects over time, which can be canceled by herbs in proper combination.
  2. Herbs in combination are much more powerful.
  3. Good formulas address all co-factors to a health goal for much greater effectiveness.
  4. Expert combinations include herbs that increase assimilation and effective potency of the other ingredients.
  5. Herbs have different effects according to dose, and when mixed with other herbs.
  • diabetes control
  • Reduces sugar in the urine
  • Promotes regeneration of the pancreas
  • purifies the blood
  • improves spleen function
  • Stimulates the heart
  • Binds to dietary fat and removes excess cholesterol
  • strengthens digestion
  • improves metabolism
  • reduces fat 
  • dissolves tumors 
  • increases energy level
  • counteracts thirst
  • Regenerates beta cells
  • Delivers a natural form of insulin called v-insulin.

Symptoms of Diabetes are:

Increased urination * Dehydration with increased thirst * Fatigue and muscle weakness * Nausea and/ or vomiting * Increased appetite * Loss of weight or weight gain * Frequent skin infections or irritation, slow wound healing * Itching, tingling and numbness in hands and feet * Kidney damage * Visual disturbances * Cardiovascular disease

Shilajit: Wonder Mineral of Ayurveda Shilajeet, also known as mineral pitch, comes from the rocks in the lower Himalayas during the warm, summer months. It is believed that its origin is from the decomposition of vegetable substances. This organic matter is composed of a large variety of minerals along with the main active ingredient - Benzoic acid. Throughout history there has been four varieties of Shilajeet which have been used; however, the iron shilajit which is a blackish brown is the most common one used for medicinal purposes. A purified form is used which may have been processed with a number of different herbs including Triphala, Dashamula or Ashwagandha. Having tonic properties, this substance is useful in a wide variety of treatments. It has been said that there is hardly any curable disease which cannot be assisted with the aid of Shilajeet. General debility and fatigue is among the list of ailments which can be helped with Shilajeet. The overall action is alterative, tonic, slightly laxative, cholagogue, respiratory stimulant, disinfectant, expectorant, intestinal antiseptic, diuretic and lithotriptic.

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