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Ayurvedic Herbs / Thai Herbs - Medicinal Plants - N

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Ayurvedic Medicine


There are numerous medicinal plants in current use in Thailand. Ayurvedic medicine and Thai traditional medicine, each finding many uses and deserving to be exhibited to the enthusiasts who wish to know about the characteristics of its stem, flower, fruit together with the research work undertaken, it is impossible to exhibit all, or even the majority, of them. For this reason some common medicinal plants which received research attention both locally and internationally have been selected. In addition, some which have so far attracted little attention from researchers have also been included owing to their recognition in Ayurvedic Medicine and traditional medicine in Thailand as well as some Asian countries.

The information has been searched from the literature, selected and edited in order to be presented in this site, which will familiarize the reader with general characters of such plants. No botanical details are given owing to the nature of this work and also to limited space. Sketches of the plants, however, are given to enable the reader to recognize them. It should be noted that all Thai, Sanskrit, Latin and English common names of the plants appearing in this site are transliterated into English with the sound in mind, and not according to the official rules. In addition, owing to the limited space the traditional usage of each plant is meant to be representative, and by no means comprehensive.

Ayurveda Herbs - Thai Herbs Common Name 
Ayurvedic Herbs English Name 


Ayurvedic Herbs Latin/Scientific Name


Ayurvedic Herbs Sanskrit Name



 N    English Name        




Negro Coffee


Nepal Cardamom


Nut Grass







 N   Latin Name            

Nardostachys jatamansi


Nepeta hindostana


Nigella sativa



 N       Sanskrit Name  

Nagapashana bhasma
































Sanskrit / Indian Names:

Nagapashana bhasma / Zahar mohra bhasma / Jaharmohra

English Name:

Calx Serpentine



It is processed serpentine, or magnesium silicate. It is a nervine, cardiac and liver tonic, useful in palpitation and cardio-muscular debility. It also reduces irritability and tetany, and relieves muscle cramps.


Latin Name:

Nardostachys jatamansi

English Name:

Musk Root

Sanskrit / Indian Name:




Nardostachys jatamansi is an erect and perennial herb.

Its principal constituents are jatamansone, jatamanshic acid and virolin. It has analgesic and stimulant properties. The oil possesses antiarrhythmic and hypotensive activity. It promotes hair growth and imparts a black color to the hair.

Jatamansone, an active principle of N. jatamansi, brings forth a significant reduction in hyperactivity, restlessness and aggressiveness in hyperactive children.


Sanskrit / Indian Names:

Navasagara, Navasara

English Name:

Ammonii Chloridum



It is alterative, expectorant, cholagogue and purgative. It is useful in fever, liver and spleen disorders, etc.


Latin Name:

Nepeta hindostana

English Name:

Cal Mint

Sanskrit / Indian Names:

Billilotan, Badranj boya



An erect or ascending herb, with blue purple flowers.

The main constituent of the plant is a triterpenoid aldehyde nepehinal. Other terpenoids found in it include nepetidone, nepedinol, and triterpenic acid. The plant is used in various cardiovascular complaints such as angina pectoris, cardiac thrombosis, trachycardia, and weakness of the heart. Some of its other uses are in cardiac asthma, syncope, pyrexia and anxiety.


Latin Names:

Nerium odorum / N. indicum

English Name:

Sweet-Scented Oleander

Sanskrit / Indian Name:




A large evergreen shrub with milky juice, frequently grown in gardens for its fragrant showy flowers.

The active principle of the leaves is a cardiotonic substance named oleandrin. It has anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties. The roots, bark and seeds contain cardio-active glycosides, formerly designated as neriodorin, neriodorein and karabin, which are anti-inflammatory and stimulant, good pain relievers.

A paste of the root is used as an external application in hemorrhoids, chancres and ulcerations. An oil extracted from the root bark is used in skin diseases of a scaly nature. The fresh juice of leaves is dropped into the eyes for inducing lachrymation in ophthalmia.


Latin Name:

Nigella sativa

English Names:

Small Fennel, Black Cumin

Sanskrit / Indian Names:

Kalonji, Kalajira, Kalajaji, Mugrela



A small herb. The seeds give on steam-distillation a yellowish brown volatile oil with an unpleasant odor. The oil contains carvone, d -limonene, and a carbonyl compound, nigellone.

Preliminary clinical trials indicate its possible therapeutic use in some conditions of cough and bronchial asthma. The alcoholic extract of the seeds is reported to prevent dental caries. It contains nourishing amino acids such as cysteine, lysine, valine and leucine. The seed oil showed antibacterial, insecticidal, bronchodilator, hypotensive, and immunostimulant activities. The seed contains saponins which have good cleansing properties. The oil also exhibited CNS depressant and potent analgesic effects on experimental animals. Intraperitoneal administration of the oil of black cumin seeds (50mg/kg) to fasting normal and alloxan diabetic rabbits produced significant hypoglycemic effects.


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