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20 / 02 / 2018
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A whole page would not be enough to express my gratitude for the outstanding service provided by the clinic. Health wise, this 7 day cure has more than fulfilled my hopes and expectations. I have felt here so rejuvenated, fresh, bright energetic and thus happy for many, many years.

After having experienced poor health for several years, I can not describe the joy and happiness that has overwhelmed me.

The use itself was a pleasure thanks to the staff's dedication, kindness and I can even say loving care.

Moreover, all my needs and wishes have been attended to thus making it all a dream.

The availability, patience and concern of Dr. Eddy was very much appreciated - once again, I feel tremendously grateful for his having taken such good care of his patient.

I cannot not mention that the food was as excellent as the best. The most healthy, the most tasty on the earth!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A. Robin (Paris - France) 13th August 2004

Dear Dr. Eddy  
From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK-YOU. I have started taking these two medications you recommended and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it has made. I used to go to the bathroom at least 20 times during the night and after taking 1 of each of these 2 capsules just before bedtime, I find that the frequency to go to the bathroom has dropped in half. I still go about 10 times or so but it is much more manageable.  

At your recommendation, I have already had three visits for colon cleansing in the last 10 days. I am not sure if I see any difference yet but I was told to taking "WO" medication to kill parasites in the intestine. I was told to take them 2 weeks before the full moon because that is when the parasites hatch. I am again not sure of this an seems like I may have to do a few more sessions of colon cleansing. Does this sound right?  

If I could afford it, I would live to spend a couple of weeks under your treatment in Chang Mai. You are a life saviour!!!! THANK-YOU.  

I have a fair bit of itching around my heels and ankle. Any suggestion? Also I keep getting fungal itching around my toes and genitals. Comes & goes all the time.  

Dr. Eddy, god bless you and I appreciate your kindness for which I am indebted to you. 

 JC (Canada) 31 August 2004

I'm a nurse and I made the colon course with Dr. Eddy in Bangkok. 6 days and I learned a lot - not only about Colon Cleansing. About Blood - Live Blood Analysis - Blood Type - Ayurveda - Jungle Medicine - and on and on. I'm really can recommend anyone this course, when someone want to know how a western doctor integrated his holistic approach. I come back for sure and I appreciate the website of which answer me so many questions.

Nue (Australia) November 2005

Dear Dr. Eddy,

Thank you so much for all your kindness and patience in instructing me in your teachings of Ayurveda and other related fields of healing and medicine. Thank you for your counseling and advice which has proven to be of great service and benefit to me as well as it will be to others.

It was an honor to study and learn from you and receive the diplomas from Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School which have been bestowed to me. As I have given my word of honor to you in person I now offer it to you in writing. I solemnly promise to live and conduct my life in a respectful and truthful manner upholding the highest values of integrity and ethic. I will first and foremost apply this manner of living to myself in the way of living a lifestyle free and devoid of all mind, mood and consciousness altering substances such as drugs and alcohol. I will also bring this manner of living to my healing practice and to my teachings I share with others. Once again I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude.

Your Humble and Honorable Student,

R. S. (U.S.A.) November 2005

"Twelve years ago I contracted cancer, and Ii have had it come back twice. I chose to work with alternative health care because my body was too sensitive to tolerate drugs, but also because I could not find anyone in the medical field that I could trust to give me a balanced perspective. During the time after my first cancer I researched and searched for the right person to help me. I came in contact with numerous health care practioners, from iridologists, to naturopaths, to nutritionists, to homeopathics, to D.O.'s and chiropractors. All were sincere and helpful, and although each one gave me a little piece to the puzzle, no one could really zero on what was right for me. And so I tred water for as long as I could, until I met Dr. Eddy, who has a large life jacket in his tool chest. Dr. Eddy was the first person to help me see the big picture. The kind of information he was attracted to was just what I had been waiting for. Dr. Eddy has a way about him that is very down to earth, precise, solid and caring, and his integrity is right there. I have recommended him to almost everyone I know, and i get wonderful feedback. He helped me so much that I can't say enough about him."

David Owe (Australia) December 2005

"Several years ago I started having health problems. One of which was hyperthyroid. I had my thyroid killed by radioactive iodine (big mistake) which then caused hypothyroid. I was on a rollercoaster ride of symptoms of hyperthyroid and hypothyroid back and forth after the radioactive iodine treatment. After much suffering and frustration, I gave up on conventional medicine and Dr. Eddy started helping me on my journey to wellness. He did live cell analysis at different times to help determine what needed to be done from a nutritional standpoint to recover my health. Radioactive iodine kills the digestive system which has been a long struggle for me to overcome. Dr. Eddy had me try different foods and supplements to regain my health. His recommendations have given me my health back, especially his recommendation of implementing the raw food diet. He truly cares about helping people regain their health and consistently worked with me to meet that end. I now enjoy great energy, clear thinking, and sleep well due to his recommendation of eating for my metabolic type. Since Dr. Eddy recommended using plenty of omega-3 oils in my diet, I now have an even temperament (as I once had terrible mood swings and depression). I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back and avoiding all the diseases that can develop from poor food choices."

Anne Fitzgerald (U.S.A.) Spring 2006

"Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! God has used you in a powerful way to change my life! For over a decade I have struggled with health issues. I have prayed for wisdom, guidance and healing. . . .you downplayed the health problems that existed at the time and helped me to see myself as a healthy person first! You gave practical advice and even shared your food with me. . . .you helped to renew my strength so that I can literally and figuratively 'run and not grow weary. . . .walk and not be faint."

Steve Colindale (U.S.A.) Spring 2006

"I took your advice and gave up the coffee and I'm at a pack a week on my cigs. That's better than a pack to 2 packs a day it hasn't been easy. You were right Chrysler wasn't my life's purpose, the funny thing is I should be so upset but I'm not I feel a burden has been lifted. . . .thank you for the time you took with me, and if you can tell I've tried the raw eggs it's not so bad. . . .I've been trying to keep up with the program with the tools that I have, and I've lost 14 pounds."

Kim Grau (U.S.A.) Spring 2006

Dr. Eddy is truly a remarkable person. It shows big time that he cares so deeply about his clients and their quest to  improve their health and overcome diseases. His vast knowledge of all the latest options on how one can improve their health naturally amazes me. Dr. Eddy has helped raise my awareness on healthy methods like no other doctor ever has.

We feel fortunate to have him as one of our contributing editors on our web site as well."

"I've had a problem with being overweight for many years, but it seemed that nothing I did made any difference. My body was "stuck." I went to see Dr. Eddy for a blood analysis, and that was a really good thing for two reasons: 1) I'm a very visual learner, and I could actually see the condition of my blood; and 2) I had no idea about toxicity in the blood, and Dr. Eddy pointed that out for me. He made some simple suggestions, including trying a new detoxification/weight loss program, and my body said, "I told you so; I tried to give you hints before, and you didn't listen!" I lost 25 pounds and I've been able to keep the weight off thanks to Dr. Eddy's new approach.

Melaniey Brown. (U.S.A.) Spring 2006

Training-related testimonials. . .

I have been training under James D. Jordan since last year. He is one of the best teachers/trainers/professionals/people I have ever known. His kind, polite, patient, upbeat ways create a comfortable atmosphere, which allows me to ask him any question. His reply is always professional. I have learned much from observing him with clients and listening to the advice he gives. Observing has been the most valuable part of the training. Dr. Eddy is very knowledgeable about live cell, dark field microscopy, natural health and nutrition. He has thoroughly taught me the mechanics and care of the dark field microscope. My experience with Dr. Eddy has been a very positive one.

If you have any questions I’ll be glad to talk with you.

Michael Owens

I feel my training with Dr. Eddy better prepared me for working with Live/Dry Cell Analysis than the traditional group trainings. His willingness to give me personal attention in addressing my needs (from establishing my comfort with the microscope to recognizing imbalances and suggesting patient programs) was invaluable. It was nice to know that he would be so readily available for my questions as I was learning. I can easily recommend him as a great teacher in this area.

Chris Van Helven

As a result of my own illness related to mercury toxicity and adrenal dysfunction, I was exposed to the live cell analysis process with Dr. Eddy. Over time, he led me to understand the effect of nutrition on my body and it’s ability to recover. I understood that in order for me to improve my health, I needed to work hard and make significant changes in my diet and/or lifestyle. The live cell analysis was one of the tools used to objectively measure my progress. More importantly, it linked me with someone that had the necessary knowledge and expertise to guide me through the process, namely Dr. Eddy. I became so excited about my results and new found knowledge that it was only natural to want to share it with others. I had always been interested in nutrition but never followed through with a nutrition degree because they don’t teach you the kinds of things that you learn from Dr. Eddy in nutrition school. As a physical therapist, I recognize the effect of nutrition on healing the body. Since doing the live cell training with Dr. Eddy, I am able to integrate concepts of nutrition in healing on a daily basis. Dr. Eddy does a fantastic job with the training, but the highlight for me is having him available as an incredible resource whenever I have a question. Thanks Dr. Eddy….for helping me change my life and the lives of those that I touch.

Linda Trellmain

Legal Seminar testimonials. . .

In the seminar you presented at Healing Earth a few weeks, I learned some things I thought I already knew. I got an entirely new spin on our constitutional freedoms. I came away feeling empowered and enthusiastic. Thank you for your dynamic presentation and for the notes you had prepared for us.

Hanna McDriven

Dear Dr Eddy,
I am 68 years old, Mother of 2 sons, grandmother of 7 grandchildren, and great grandmother to one great grand son. I have worked in the natural healing profession since the 1960s. I have travelled to the far east ( I lived in Singapore for a few years), the middle east (I treated the royal in the United Emirates for some time) to
India (where my husband was born) also worked and taught in Paraguay for some time, and then set up home in Spain. Of course I have also studied and worked in the USA and in my own country, Plymouth in the South of England.So yes I have always had energy, and although not as much as when I was young I still work hard, and still study.

I had 12 clinics in Spain and one in the UK. Last December I closed my last satellite clinic in Almeria Spain. So now I have my main clinic in Malaga Spain, people just fly in to see me, a bit like Mexico.

On my records here in Spain I have almost 11,000 patients. I am a homeopath, I teach and use Contact Reflex Analysis, of which I am an ambassador for them in Europe. I was an Ambassador for the British Institute of Homeopathy until last year, when I told them I had to hand over to someone else, as I have so much on my plate.

I have written several books on colour, laser treatments ( I designed a four headed laser a few years ago, we use them in our clinic) I received my PhD from St.Petersburg State University on the laser and colour books, along
with all my other studies). I have designed a foot bath, I think I have already told you about that. also also  My research and work has been copied by many and they use my name without my permission, but they have not done the years of research and therefore cannot answer the many questions that come up daily. I have now been awarded Class 11 medical device for my professional foot bath.

I am giving you an insight to the use of my machine and its purpose. In so doing, you will understand the value of the Blood Evaluation before and after treatment, that was what I was trying to do when I sent you the photos. As they were taken before and after the foot treatment, with nothing else added. I have always thought the Blood Evaluation to be absolutely wonderful. My patients love it too. I am amazed when I see the differences after such a short time. So you will be able to understand my the time you finish this rather long letter why I am so eager to understand more. I have many books on the subject. I also have the books you refer to i your reply to me.

Of course I use many supplements, over 500 different types, many are from the USA. I also have made an amazing skin cream that has been made and kept secret in the family since the 18th century. I am now having this made in
Switzerland. I will send you a copy by e-mail (at least I will have the office sed you one, as there are some pictures). I am also negotiating at this moment in time to have homeopathic drops made in Switzerland, and or Prague, formulas that must be guarded after well over 100 years of use. I have used them all my working life in therapies. We instruct on colonic treatments etc. We also use Blood Type instructions, we do the blood group test in office. We have Royal Rife machines (2) along with other equipment. BUT THE PICTURES I SENT YOU WERE ONLY BEFORE AND AFTER THE USE OF THE FOOT MACHINE. We along with many professionals are getting incredible results. The point is I have to expalin what is happening, our conclusion is explained at the end of this letter.

In Spain I am officially recognized. I have a Spanish Medical Doctor who works for me 1 week in a month, but is always on call even though he works in a hospital when not with me. We can get all our x-rays and blood analysis done my Dr.Javier Manubens requesting it for us. So we are quite well prepared.

I studied Royal Rife of course, also Royal Lee with Standard Process, I have used their products for about 20 years. We instruct on diet, life style, emotion/stress, blood, urine and saliva analysis as well as using our chiropractor and osteopathic skills (my son is the chiropractor and osteopath). So even though I am a sort of old lady, I still work hard. I also speak two languages, not German, English and Spanish.

Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry since I am sure you are very busy and receive lots of them.

My name is Monica. Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry since I am sure you are very busy and receive lots of them.

I am a recent graduate of the Florida Vedic College in the states, and am studying underneath Dr. Light Miller in Sarasota, Fl. I love Ayurveda very much.

Recently I started to educate myself more on raw foods and live food diets, however, and I am experiencing amazing results. I read that Dr. Eddy feels that a raw foods diet is the way all people should be. I am interested in learning how he incorporates this way of seeing things into the Ayurvedic paradigm.

I also want to say that I love your site, and that it has helped to teach me a lot about Ayurveda.



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Two drops of blood under a specialized high powered ultra-dark field microscope, reveals anomalies in the blood. The unique tool for prevention.
Is recognized by most as the most powerful and versatile therapy known in alternative health because it plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of the body. Check it out why.
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