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Ayurvedic Glossary V

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A famous personality in the history of Ayurveda wrote Astanga Sangraha and Astanga Hrdya. A major commentator on Ayurvedic science after Charaka and Sushruta


An Ayurvedic physician, Ayurvedic doctor.


The proportionate influence of the doshas that allows us to perceive the predominance of one over the others.

Vaisheshika It is one of the six orthodox schools of the Indian philosophy, founded by kanada. The word means excellence or distinction.
Vajikarana The science of aphrodisiac, producing virility.

Vajirarana Basti:

A basti which promotes vigor and vitality. Also used to enhance fertility.


The act of vomiting, emesis. Therapeutic vomiting or emesis.  One of the five main purificatory procedures of Panchakarma

Vamanopaga These are the natural substances that are used for the stimulation of vomiting.
Vamathu It means vomiting.
Varnya These are the substances that improve the complexion of the body, its color, skin, hair and eyes also.
Vanaspatya A tree, shrub or plant.
Varuna God of waters, sea, rivers.


An oleated substance composed of animal fat used in abbyantar snehana (internal oleation).


The dosha or functional intelligence in the body that governs movement, transportation and the drying and separating functions. It refers to one of the three humors, the force that keeps pitta, kapha, all the seven dhatus and the malas in motion.

Vata Shamak Oil

The medicated oil used in bahya snehana (one of the main procedures of Purvakarma) to pacify vata.


The element and universal organizing principle of movement.  Also commonly known as the air or wind element.


The knowledge of the totality of life

Vedas It is a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge. Vedas are the oldest source of universal knowledge, which bloomed in the Indian culture centuries ago by rishis and holy saints. The four Vedas namely, Rig-Veda, Yajur Veda, Athrva Veda and Sam Veda have answers to mostly all the questions relating to life and living.
Vibhitaka Belliric myrobalan, Latin name: Terminalia bellirica.
Vidahi Heat, burning, inflammation, acid.


The Ayurvedic knowledge of proper lifestyle. One of the three pillars

Vikriti It is the modification; imbalance or disease.


The imbalance in the doshas that obscures one’s prakruti or ideal constitutional balance


Thick soup of soft cooked rice usually eaten on the second day after Panchakarma


The post-absorptive phase of digestion

Virya Potency, power, vigor, semen.
Virechan It is the medicated purgation; one of the pancha karma cleansing processes.


Therapeutic purgation.  One of the five main purificatory procedures of Panchakarma

Virecanopaga These are the purgatives assisting the elimination of the doshas form the vital organs and helps the system get rid of the ama.
Vishnu In Hindu mythology lord supreme Vishnu is all pervading. His divine qualities are for knowledge, strength, lordship, power, virility, splendor and the preservation.
Visada Clear, pure, spotless, shining.
Visesa Opposite, different, not similar.
Vismagni Irregular digestive fire, unstable digestive fire.
Visravana To let flow, to let spread.
Vitamin These are essentials for growth of the body and healthy functioning of all organs. There are following types of vitamins:
Vitamin A is a growth promoting vitamin.
Vitamin D is the anti-rickets vitamin.
Vitamin E is anti-sterility.
Vitamin K helps coagulation.
Vitamin P is called hesperidin. It is anti-hemorrhagic.
Vitamin B1 is anti-neuritic..
Vitamin B2 pacifies vata, builds up pitta and kapha.
Vitamin B6 is called pyrodoxine..
Folic Acid. pacifies vata, increases pitta, reduces kapha.
Vitamin C. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid whenever there is cold and congestion, Vitamin C is used.
B12 is cyanocobalamin and is used in sciatica.

Vranagata Basti:

Medicated liquids used to irrigate and heal abscesses or wounds.


The fifth stage of disease manifestation characterized by the manifestation of a clear set of symptoms; Visible, specific.

Vyana It is one of the five subtypes of vata and regulates the circulation of blood in the body, the nervous system, muscular functions and the skeletal system in the body.

Vyana Vayu:

One of the sub-doshas of Vata which governs the cardiovascular system


Three exercises prescribed by vihara which give energy rather than expend energy: hatha yoga postures,  pranayama and sun salutation.


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