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Ayurvedic Glossary R

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It refers to the law of nature that maintains life. It is one of the three gunas characterized by action, energy, passion and stimulation that leads to the life of sensual enjoyment, pleasure and pain, efforts and restlessness.

It is a synonym for demons or demonic beings whose minds are unable to distinguish between right and wrong and is diverted towards conflicts and anger.

Literally meaning the blood, rakta is one of the seven dhatus supported by rasa and is responsible for the nourishment of the permanent dhatus, providing physical strength and color to the body. This circulating blood vessel is considered as the basis of life.

In Hindu mythology ram is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and the warrior hero of the holy Hindu epic, the Ramayana. He is also regarded as the embodiment of righteousness.

Located in the stomach, liver and spleen it is one of the five pitta subdoshas, liver and spleen. Its function is to give color to the lymph chyle when it is transformed into blood as it passes through the liver and spleen.

It is derived from the digested food and is circulated the entire body by channels. The main function of this first of the seven dhatus is to provide nutrition to all cells of the body and the plasma dhatu.

Literally means rejuvenation i.e. the therapy that rejuvenates or regenerates body- mind, prevents decay and postpones aging.

It refers tot he exhalation aspect of pranayama, the out breath.

Rasa-vaha srotas
Channels carrying plasma or lymph.

Quantity, a measure for quantity, a heap, a pile, mass.

Routine to be followed in night or evening, night regime.

Seasonal regimes, routine to be followed in various seasons.

Dry, arid, not greasy, emaciated, thin.

Sign, symptoms, mark (of diseases).


The active phase of thee mind. It imparts motivation and initiative to the mind.  Also one of the three gunas or phases of activity in creation.


Pertaining to the qualities of rajas.


The dhatu or bodily tissue of blood.


Therapeutic withdrawal of blood.  One of the five major purificatory procedures of Panchakarma.

Ranjak Pitta:

The metabolic function associated with the liver.


The dhatu or bodily tissue of plasma or nutrient fluid.  Also refers to the three categories of taste.


One of the branches of Ayurvedic science having to do with rejuvenation.

Rasayana Basti:.

A type of basti which has a rejuvenative influence, on all the dbatus


The diet and lifestyle regimen prescribed by vihara to take into account the impact of each of the seasons on the body.



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