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Ayurvedic Glossary M

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Ma In Hindu mythology ma means the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. According to ayurveda ma is the giver of heart i.e. the heart comes form the mother and thus the way of one's thinking, his way of life, feelings, memory that is circulated throughout his body is the gift form ma.
Madakari That which causes intoxication.
Madanaphala Emetic nut, Latin name: Randia spinosa.
Madhura It means sweet. Sweet taste of flavor, pleasant, charming, delightful.
Madhyama In Sanskrit this word means trunk of the body. In ayurvedic terminology it refers to the sound rising form the heart that is felt by the ears and not heard.
Madya Any intoxicating drink or substance.
Mahabhuta Big elements, gross elements, being great.


The universal organizing principles which structure and govern all physical phenomena.

Mahad tattva Intellect, great principle.

Mahanarayana Oil:

A medicated oil used in bahya snehana (the external oleation procedures of Purvakarma) specifically to pacify kapha dosha.

Mahendra A great king or leader, the great Indra. Indra is the king of demigods.


It means the bone marrow. Being one of the seven dhatus it is soft and has the main function of filling up the asthi and nourishing the shukra. The dhatu or bodily tissue of bone marrow.  Also, the term used to describe the bone marrow fat used on occasion in abyantar snehana (internal oleation).

Majja-vaha srotas Channels transporting trough the bone marrow.


The natural metabolic by-products which are always eliminated from the body.

Malas It means the waste products that are excreted out of the body by some or the other phenomenon. It primarily includes urine, feces and sweat.
Malinikarana The act making impure, staining.


The dhatu or bodily tissue of muscle.

Mamsa-vaha srotas Channels transporting trough the muscles.


The mind.  One of the four components of Ayu.

Manda Slow.


Rice water.  The first meal eaten after Panchakarma.

Mandagni Weakened state of digestive fire.
Mantram These are the sacred words or phrases that have a spiritual significance and power. These are of two types: one that is expressed or said by voice and are heard whereas others are non- uttered but are repeated internally.


Sensitive points which represent a greater concentration of the body’s vital force in that area. These are the nerve crossings where nerves come to the fascia and relate to the vital human body organs. Marmas are the 365 vital energy points in the body of which 108 are of great importance in ayurveda. They are also called door receptors.

Marsha Nasya

Repeated introduction of medicated oil into the nostrils used to clean, lubricate and strengthen the mucous membranes.

Matra Basti:

A small self-administered oil basti that can be used at any time of the day, most commonly used to reduce the vata-aggravating effects of travel, exercise and stress.

Matsaya Fish
Maya Literal meaning is illusion whereas in spiritual terms it refers to god's creative energy, cosmic illusion. The illusion here is not an illusion in terms of it being unreal but in terms of the divine acts, sport or lila played by the cosmic deities.
Meda: The dhatu or bodily tissue of fat (adipose tissue). It is the fat tissue supported by mamsa dhatu. The main function of this one of the seven bodily tissues is to support the human body and lubricate it. Meda's presence in excess can cause obesity and physical weakness.
Medha Mental power, intelligence, wisdom, and prudence.
Medo-vaha srotas Channels transporting fatty tissue.
Medya That which enhances wisdom, mental power and intelligence.
Mithya-yoga Wrong use, wrong employment.
Moksha It means liberation, freedom in every aspect and every way of life.
Moong ki daal A variety of green dry beans used for cooking or making sprouts.
Mrudu Soft, delicate, tender.
Mudra A sign, position, image commonly practiced in Yoga or religious worship.
Mutra Urine.

Mutra-vaha srotas

Channels transporting the urine.


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