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Ayurvedic Glossary D

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Split yellow mung lentil soup.

Danti mula Root of the herb "danti" (Latin Name: Baliospermum montanum).


The aspect of gastrointestinal vitality concerned with promoting strong digestive fire.

Desa Region, country, area, and kingdom.
Dhanvantari According to the Hindu mythology during the churning of the ocean, Vishnu, the physician of gods is believed to be produced with a cup of nectar in his hand that represents the true healer in all beings.


Life's purpose. It refers to one's character, one's true self and about being a whole human being by the virtue of righteousness, virtue, attribute, duty, nature of disposition and prescribed code of conduct.

Dharana This Sanskrit word means absorbing information into the memory and reproducing the same.

Dbatu Agni:

The metabolic function associated with each of the seven dhatus.


The seven retainable substances or structures of the body. Bodily tissues. It is the basic structural and nutritional body factor that supports or nourishes the seven body tissues. These seven tissues of our body includes the rasa, rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, majja and shukra.

Deva They are considered as the angles, celestial beings without physical body structure.


It is a Sanskrit word that means understanding. Intellect. The aspect of sattva that imparts the ability to conceive and imagine.

Dhrti It is a Sanskrit word that means holding or retaining.


The positive aspect of rajas that imparts the ability to implement creative thought.


Daily behavioral guidelines for maintaining ideal health.

Dipaniya These are the natural substances that kindle the gastric fire and augment the appetite.
Disease It is a condition in which one or body parts impair the performance of the vital functions and thus bring the absence of ease. Desire is considered to be the root cause of all diseases. It is said that desires pull the individuals form awareness and affection and this creates imbalances.
Diuretic It refers to the natural substances that promote the activities of bladder, kidney and increase urination.


The functional intelligence within the human body responsible for all physiological and psychological processes.

Doslia Gati:

The twice daily movement that each dosha follows from the hollow structures of the gastrointestinal tract to the thicker structures of the dhatus and back again.  Also the movement of the doshas from their seats in the GI-tract to their nearest orifice.

Dravya According to the vaisheshika system of philosophy dravya menas substance or the substratum of properties of the nine eternal substances i.e. the earth, water, fire, air, ether, time, space, self, and mind.

Drava svedana

The use of hot baths to promote sweating.

Dushti Duhkha It is a Sanskrit word that means unhappiness. Vata persons tend toward a duhkha of insecurity, anxiety, fear and loneliness whereas with Pitta constitution individuals tend towards a duhkha involving judgment, nothing to do, being judged, criticism, and lack of acknowledgement. The Kapha duhkha relates to too much physical activity and hardships.


A condition where two doshas have an equally dominant influence in a person’s prakruti or constitutional make-up.


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Oxy-Powder works by introducing stabilized nascent oxygen into the bloodstream and intestinal tract.




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